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Can someone explain this seeming inconsistency in jQuery/Javascript?? (trailing brackets inconsistency on reads)
by sinisterDei in Programming Languages

So, in my example below, "InputDate'" is an input type=text, "DateColumn" is a TD within a table with a class of "DateColumn".

Read the value of a discreet texbox:

var inputVal = $('#InputDate').val();

Read the value of a div within a table....

This works:

$('#theTable .DateColumn').each(function() {
var rowDa

NSUserDefaults Inconsistency or device inconsistency? - iPhone
by Chook2330 in Mobile Programming

I have developed a server based app for iPhone. But according to client requirements and to avoid overloading on server side, i am required to store data on local end. It is all text and typically 2-4 MB in size.
For this i'm using NSUserDefaults instead of sqlite or CoreData.
The app has been tested successfully for around 2-3 months during it's development as well as post developmen

Row value inconsistency
by SpunkyJones in Databases

Scenario -
We have pack items, which is defined as a composite of one or more items. A complex pack is a one that has more than one component items. Each component item of a complex pack item should be linked to equal number of locations.

For example:
Pack P1 has component C1, C2, and C3. Each item C1,

Inconsistency between if + else and if -> unless
by Erik in Programming Languages

I had an issue today with defining custom RSpec matchers that I resolved, but couldn't actually see any reasoning behind why one of the approaches works and the other doesn't, here's the code:

Approach 1 - if + else:

RSpec::Matchers.define :have_success_message do |message|
match do |page|
if message.nil?
page.should have_selector('div.alert

C++ near and far inconsistency
by tong in Operating Systems

I've been going over and refactoring some code. I ended up changing a function from:

void setPerspective(float nearP = 0.1f, float farP = 1000.0f);


void setPerspective(float near = 0.1f, float far = 1000.0f);

and started getting a lot of strange 'missing ;' and 'missing )' errors.

IE7 CSS inconsistency
by LeeFlannery in Web Design

{link removed}

The purple links across the bottom of this gallery do not appear at all in IE7 nor is the text clickable.

I have exhausted Firebug and Google, any ideas would be appreciated :)

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C pointers inconsistency
by Andrew in Programming Languages

I'm working on a program for a C class and I reached a point where I don't know what to do. We are implementing a String library type.

I have my header file (MyString.h)

typedef struct {
char *buffer;
int length;
int maxLength;
} String;
String *newString(const char *str);

The file implementing the functions (M

C++11 on the fly construction inconsistency
by Maxton in Programming Languages

In C++11 we can now construct objects on the fly in function arguments.

For example, we can insert a new pair into a std::map like so:

typedef std::map<char, int> MapType;
MapType my_map;
my_map.insert({'f', 6}); //less verbose than make_pair

This also works for std::vector. However, for std::array this strangely does not work.

gdb print inconsistency
by Lori in Development Tools & Services

I have some code

int main(int argc, char* key[] ) {
cout << strlen(key[1]) << endl;

cout show 4.
now using gdb

(gdb)print strlen(key[1])

shows -147660784
What is the reason for this difference?

How to fix NetBeans6.9 UI inconsistency?
by Remyx in Development Tools & Services

I bought a new PC, so I installed NB6.9 on it, but I want to use UI configs from my old PC, so I copied "???.netbeans6.9config" from old PC to the new one.

The default key for F6 in NB is "Run Project", but in my old PC, I've set F6 to "Run File", while shift+F6 was assigned to "Run Project". Since I set them by hand on the old PC, they were consistent from the UI and the list in "T


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