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Can someone explain this seeming inconsistency in jQuery/Javascript?? (trailing brackets inconsistency on reads)
Category : Programming Languages

So, in my example below, "InputDate'" is an input type=text, "DateColumn" is a TD within a table with a class of "DateColumn".

Read the value of a discreet texbox:

var inputVal = $('#InputDate').val();

Read the value of a div within a table....

This works:

$('#theTable .DateColumn').each(function() {
var rowDa

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NSUserDefaults Inconsistency or device inconsistency? - iPhone
Category : Mobile Programming

I have developed a server based app for iPhone. But according to client requirements and to avoid overloading on server side, i am required to store data on local end. It is all text and typically 2-4 MB in size.
For this i'm using NSUserDefaults instead of sqlite or CoreData.
The app has been tested successfully for around 2-3 months during it's development as well as post developmen

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Row value inconsistency
Category : Databases

Scenario -
We have pack items, which is defined as a composite of one or more items. A complex pack is a one that has more than one component items. Each component item of a complex pack item should be linked to equal number of locations.

For example:
Pack P1 has component C1, C2, and C3. Each item C1,

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C++ near and far inconsistency
Category : Operating Systems

I've been going over and refactoring some code. I ended up changing a function from:

void setPerspective(float nearP = 0.1f, float farP = 1000.0f);


void setPerspective(float near = 0.1f, float far = 1000.0f);

and started getting a lot of strange 'missing ;' and 'missing )' errors.

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IE7 CSS inconsistency
Category : Web Design

{link removed}

The purple links across the bottom of this gallery do not appear at all in IE7 nor is the text clickable.

I have exhausted Firebug and Google, any ideas would be appreciated :)

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Inconsistency between if + else and if -> unless
Category : Programming Languages

I had an issue today with defining custom RSpec matchers that I resolved, but couldn't actually see any reasoning behind why one of the approaches works and the other doesn't, here's the code:

Approach 1 - if + else:

RSpec::Matchers.define :have_success_message do |message|
match do |page|
if message.nil?
page.should have_selector('div.alert

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C++11 on the fly construction inconsistency
Category : Programming Languages

In C++11 we can now construct objects on the fly in function arguments.

For example, we can insert a new pair into a std::map like so:

typedef std::map<char, int> MapType;
MapType my_map;
my_map.insert({'f', 6}); //less verbose than make_pair

This also works for std::vector. However, for std::array this strangely does not work.

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gdb print inconsistency
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have some code

int main(int argc, char* key[] ) {
cout << strlen(key[1]) << endl;

cout show 4.
now using gdb

(gdb)print strlen(key[1])

shows -147660784
What is the reason for this difference?

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C pointers inconsistency
Category : Programming Languages

I'm working on a program for a C class and I reached a point where I don't know what to do. We are implementing a String library type.

I have my header file (MyString.h)

typedef struct {
char *buffer;
int length;
int maxLength;
} String;
String *newString(const char *str);

The file implementing the functions (M

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Ray Generation Inconsistency
Category : Web Design

I have written code that generates a ray from the "eye" of the camera to the viewing plane some distance away from the camera's eye:

R3Ray ConstructRayThroughPixel(...)
R3Point p;
double increments_x = (lr.X() - ul.X())/(double)width;
double increments_y = (ul.Y() - lr.Y())/(double)height;
p.SetX( ul.X() + ((double)i_pos+0.5)*increments_x );

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