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How to Get an Infant to Stay in an Infant Seat Without Crying
by johntynan in Parenting
If you have a newborn baby, or if you have an older infant who does not like sitting in an infant seat, traveling can become difficult. The law requires infant seats, and they are necessary for your child's safety. If your child cries when placed in an infant seat, it is not okay to hold them in a vehicle or to use a seat belt alone. It can be frustrating to teach a child to sit in his or her seat

About CPR for an Infant
by Marc Dong in Health
Infant CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a lifesaving technique that is performed when an infant has stopped breathing or whose heart has stopped beating, usually due to accidents, injuries, suffocation or drowning. CPR involves a combination of rescue breathing and chest compressions. Infant CPR modifies the steps to suit the anatomical difference of infants from adults. Infants are defin
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Infant First Aid & CPR
by Paul in Health
Taking care of an infant takes more than just feeding and changing them. Baby-proofing and knowing how to keep an infant safe is just as important. Infants are no more than 12 months old and are the susceptible to injury. Since they are still learning, there is bound to be difficulties along the way, and knowing how to respond to any critical situation may be the difference between good and bad he
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How to Buy an Infant Car Bed
by lietkynes in Home & Garden
Car beds replace traditional car seats for babies weighing less than five pounds or those with special medical needs. Infant car beds have a hard plastic shell, padding for comfort and a five-point harness to keep the baby secure. They also have a slight incline to help tiny infants breathe more easily, and they are made to fit babies up to 20 pounds. If the hospital does not provide a car bed, th
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How to Help an Infant Get Rid of Gas
by Jason Terhorst in Parenting
Gas pains can cause your infant to be cranky and uncomfortable. When gas bubbles get trapped, the best way to help is to physically rub them out of your baby. A lot of the time, rubbing the belly alone can help expel the gas, but sometimes the infant will require a little more help. There are a few ways that you can provide relief and comfort for your baby and have him feeling better in no time.Di
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How to Get an Infant to Crawl
by Veliko in Parenting
Crawling is an important milestone for both infants and parents. More than nine out of 10 infants are able to crawl by 11 months of age, while half of all infants have tried crawling by seven months, according to the Baby Development News website. If your baby is older than 11 months old and still does not crawl, your child may have a disorder preventing him from developing further. However, some
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How to Change an Infant's Name
by James Dio in Parenting
What happens when you name your beautiful newborn daughter Alice in the hospital, but when you get home you realize she definitely is a Sienna? A Baby Center survey showed that at least 5 percent of parents wished they could change their child's name.The most common reason was that the name had become too popular, but others wanted to switch because the name was too hard to pronounce or didn't sui
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What Can Infant Iguanas Eat?
by Retro Rob in Pets
Iguanas are folivores which means they consume mainly leaves in the wild. These vegetarian reptiles possess specific microbes to digest their high-fiber diet and the majority of their captive diet should be made up of leafy vegetables. An infant iguana which does not receive the correct nutrition will develop swollen extremities, a rubbery jaw and ongoing bone fractures, all of which can be fatal.

Activities to Do With an Infant
by Jesse McDowell in Parenting
Activities such as singing songs and playing games play a big role in an infant learning language and social and motor skills. Infants should have a good amount of playtime with their caregiver that is balanced out with independent play. Schedule special one-on-one time with infants daily to help foster his development. ReadingIt is never too early to start reading to your baby. According to Ba

How Often to Bathe an Infant
by billputer in Parenting
After the excitement of giving birth wears off, you are left with the reality of caring for a little person full-time. That little person demands a lot of your time for feeding, changing and soothing to sleep. You probably do not want to have to bathe him every night, too. The good news is that you do not have to. NewbornsIf you are apprehensive about trying to keep your slippery, squirmy newbo
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