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HGH in Infants
by sourceninja in Health
Infants and children need human growth hormone, or HGH, which is naturally produced in the body, to grow at a normal rate. However, when a child's body does not produce HGH, it is considered a medical condition, albeit one that can be alleviated with synthetic growth hormone provided that a doctor identifies the deficiency early enough in the child's life. Growth HormoneA child's pituitary glan
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About Infants
by php in Parenting
Few times can be as exhilarating and as overwhelming for new parents as the infant years. Most parents usually have many questions and concerns pertaining to care. Knowing basic information beforehand can help make infant care easier and more enjoyable for parents. IdentificationThere is no specific age set that defines when a child stops being an infant and starts being a toddler, but the age
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How to Get Infants to Nap During the Day
by deanschang in Parenting
When your infant was a newborn, he probably slept so much he did not distinguish between day and night. Now that he is older, it is natural that he will get on a daily napping routine. The National Sleep Foundation says babies sleep between 10 1/2 and 18 hours a day with 20-minute to three-hour naps during the day, according to Pamela Stock at the website Parents. Whether your infant is home with
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B12 & Infants
by Skipholiday in Health
Vitamin B12 is usually found in meat and meat products and is necessary for certain functions in the human body. Deficiencies of B12 can lead to fatigue and weakness; extreme deficiencies are linked to neurological disorders. Infants, like adults, need B12 to support proper development. B12B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in certain foods, like meat and meat products, an
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How to Help Infants Sleep
by Glenntoy in Relationships & Family
Infants are very strongly attached to their parents and often develop separation anxiety at night when they are put to sleep. It is important to strike a balance between comforting your infant during nighttime awakenings and leaving them to develop independence and better sleeping habits. A large part of perfecting the process requires experimentation. Though it is a stressful process, remember th
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Appropriate Activities for Infants
by Baskaran in Parenting
Infant activities should be both entertaining and educational. Activities that stimulate the senses and encourage the use of fine motor skills are important to your baby's growth and development. Incorporate bright colors, sounds, textures and scents into activities to grasp the infant's attention and encourage play. Participating in appropriate activities with your infant each day can promote dev

RSV Symptoms in Infants
by sReas in Health
RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, is a viral disease of the lungs. This disease is actually one of the main causes for infants and young children to develop lower respiratory illness. However, older children and adults can also develop mild and serious respiratory illness due to RSV. How It Is ContractedRSV can be contracted several different ways, including hand-to-mouth contact with someth
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How to care for HIV Infants
by AFurryReptile in Health
As the pregnancy of an HIV-positive mother is not much different from that of any other mother, the care of an HIV-positive infant is not much different from caring for any other infant. There are precautions to take, but the child doesn't have to be treated differently than any other child. An HIV-positive baby will need to take a greater amount of medications in his or her young life than childr
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Coughing in Infants
by lockdown571 in Health
Babies cough for a variety of reasons, including harmless ones. Some babies use a fake cough to get their parents' attention. Excess saliva during teething can also cause coughing. However, coughing usually indicates a medical condition that requires some form of treatment. Avoid cough medicines until your baby turns two, since they can cause serious side effects, according to the Food and Drug Ad
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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs From Infants
by findcontrol in Health
Bedbugs in your home are a nuisance, but if you have an infant in the house, too, you might worry about the child's health in the midst of an infestation. Although bedbugs are not disease carriers and will not transmit pathogens to your child, their bites can cause itching and discomfort. Getting rid of bedbugs can be a hassle, and you might need to treat the room several times before the infestat
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