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Bestpractices: StructureMap and ASP.NET MVC 2 - Setter Injection/Contructur Injection in an abstract base Controller
by xguru in ASP & ASP.net
public abstract class ConventionController : Controller
public const int PageSize = 5;
public IMappingService MappingService { get; set;}

How do I set up StructureMap to get the Instance of IMappingService?


With the help of Joshua Flanagan I now have the following code:


Exception thrown Constructor Injection - AutoFac Dependency Injection
by mAuo in Web Design

I am Autofac DI Container and constructor injection to inject configuration settings into my SampleClass. The Configuration Manager class is created as a singleInstance so the same single instance is used.

public ConfigurationManager()
// Load the configuration settings
public SampleClass(IConfigurationManager confi

Is there a Dependency Injection Framework for Delphi with attribute-based injection?
by reflexiv in Programming Languages

I would love to be able to code in Delphi this way, simply annotating a field:

TMyClass = class
Factory: ISomeFactory;

or by attributing a setter

TMyClass = class
FFactory: ISomeFactory;
procedure SetFact

Executing order of constructor injection and property injection using ninject 2
by golazo in Web Design

I'm loading a ninject module in my (WCF) project and want to hook up log4net in my module using a custom provider. The reason I'm using a provider is that the GetLogger method needs to get passed the class in which the Injection is taking place. If this is not the way to do this, please let me know, I'm new to Ninject. (Context.getType() is not correct btw, I'm having some trouble doing this.)<

Prevent Code injection and Sql/Mysql injection in CAKEphp
by Matt Croydon in Programming Languages

what is the best and the simplest way Prevent Code injection and Sql/Mysql injection in CAKEphp . Also i would like to know how to prevent Code injection in php

Constructor injection working… Property injection not so much
by Anubis in Programming Languages

I am using Composite Application Block. I have a class that uses constructor injection (using the [ServiceDependency] attribute on the constructor parameter) and it's working. But when I try to switch to using property injection (with the [ServiceDependency] attribute on the property), the injection is not happening (the property stays null).

I made sure that the property has the

Dependency injection, delayed injection praxis
by Nate Bedortha in Programming Languages

A simple(and lengthy) question, and not a simple answer. Working with some DI frameworks(Spring, Guice) I came to a conclusion that some of the praxis presented by others is not so simple to implement. I really seem stuck on this level.

I will try to present this as simple as possible, even though some of the details will probably be lost. I hope the question will be clear.

Code / Library Design - Dependency Injection vs. Making Maps - Is Dependency Injection w/ Factory Pattern O.K for All?
by jaysen in Programming Languages

Is Dependency Injection w/ Factory Pattern O.K for All dependencies?

I've listed all my classes by number of dependencies.

If there are 0 ( 8 cases ), I do nothing.

If there are 5 or more ( 4 cases ) I use Dependency Injection with the Factory Pattern.

But for the in-between 1 t0 4 dependencies. I plan to use dependency injection along with t

Kenalog Injection Vs. Cortisone Injection
by slippysoup in Health
Kenalog (triamcinolone) and cortisone are two members of a class of medications called steroids, which suppress substances in the body responsible for inflammation. Both of these medications are available in injectable form. Kenalog UsesDoctors may inject Kenalog into tendons for treatment of bursitis, epicondylitis (tennis elbow) or tendonitis, or into the interior spaces of a joint to treat j

Trigger Point Injection Vs. SI Injection
by swassbac in Health
Both trigger point and SI (sacroiliac) injections are used to treat back or other muscular or joint pain. However, they are used in different situations and yield different types of results. Trigger point and SI injections have different risks associated with them as well. SignificanceSI injections are primarily a diagnostic tool. Pain relief from the injection indicates a problem with the SI j


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