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How to disable auto-injector (magic discovery of injector types) in angularjs?
by daveybrat in Programming Languages

Angularjs has this nice feature of auto discovery of the providers based on a function arguments.
For example, if I want to use $http in some function i would call it like that:

$inject.invoke(function ($http) {

Angularjs will "know" what are my dependencies. It will figure it out by reading my function's body and based on argument names it will

DIY E36 Injector for a BMW
by MisterLilBig in Cars
The fuel injectors in a BMW E36 can wear and leak over time. If you've added a bigger throttle body or increased the displacement of your engine, you may also want to add bigger fuel injectors to accommodate the increased air to fuel ratio. However, do not add larger fuel injectors without good reason. You can cause the E36's fuel management system to run richer and decrease peak horsepower genera
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How to Use a .DLL Injector
by MD. in Computers
DLL injection allows to run a program code within another Windows system process by forcing the download of a dynamic link library. It is used by software developers to execute a program or Windows components with the injected DLL code in an unintended way, for example, to intercept system call functions or expose password-protected information. The DLL Injector program injects a DLL into a Window
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How to Know If an Injector Is Bad?
by Bruce in Cars
In a multi-port fuel injection system, each cylinder has its own fuel injector. The fuel injectors need fuel delivered to them at a certain pressure -- commonly 32 to 44 p.s.i., depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. If the fuel pump is bad, all the injectors will seemingly malfunction, as there won't be enough pressure to keep the engine running properly. If the engine is misfirin
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How to Use a ROM to WAD Injector
by IeraseU in Hobbies, Games & Toys
WAD files are Wii files used to create the main channels on the main menu of a Wii console. There are no direct WAD creation software applications, but you can take preexisting WAD files and "inject" them with ROM game files to replace the type of WAD they run as. When injected, the channel appearance will show the previous game preview graphic, but the new ROM file will load instead.Difficulty:Ea
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Injector Dll Delphi Xe2
by Kuer in Programming Languages

looks'm Brazilian, I'm using the site to ask of you for the first time
using google translator to let go ... kkkk
I have an injector dll in delphi 7 functional .... and am trying to transfer to Delphi XE2, but he injects hours yes, time does not ... type when injected either ....
if they can help me
thank you!

function InjectDLL(dwPID: DWORD; DLLPath: PWideCha
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How to Tell Which Diesel Injector Is Bad
by CurrentlyPissed in Cars
The fuel injector is part of your fuel distribution system. Fuel is drawn from the fuel tank by the lift pump, and then passes through the fuel filter before being sent either to the injection pump or directly to the injectors. The diesel fuel is then sprayed into the cylinder during the intake stroke of the engine. Failed injectors will cause the engine to run below normal operating horsepower.Di

How to Use Portal Injector
by Josh Freed in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Portal Injector is a program designed to hack the game "Combat Arms." Portal Injector acts as a delivery system for cheating in "Combat Arms." Portal injector loads a .dll file into the game which will grant you various cheating options. The cheats available depend on which hack.dll file you inject.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Hack.dll file

Run the Port

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How to Use a Cajun Injector
by sdifox in Food & Drink
You can inject marinate directly into meat for succulent, moist dishes. Even if you have bought already-marinated meat, fresh marinade can make it more flavorful and moist. Use your own homemade marinade or Cajun Injector brand marinade to make dishes your own. The Cajun Injector syringe makes it easy to marinate meat. Soaking meat in marinade keeps the flavor on the outside, but injecting marinad
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What Is an Injector Pump?
by jmccliment in Cars
An injector pump is a high-pressure pump that meters fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine. The compression of air and fuel that follows also provides power for the vehicle. Because of the highly synchronized nature of the engine, the injector pump must be very precise. HistoryThe major innovation that made the technology possible was the in-line injector pump concei
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