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How to Look Up an Inmate
by goffi in Internet
Looking up an inmate is useful for a variety of reasons. You might want to look up a family member you never knew due to imprisonment to satisfy your curiosity as about the family member's imprisonment and release date. Or, you might be creating a statistical report and would like to see how many inmates are in prison in a certain state for a certain crime. Whatever your reason, accessing informat
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How to Get the CDC# of an Inmate
by Jason Dockery in Relationships & Family
A prisoner's California Department of Corrections, or CDC, number identifies that prisoner within the California state correctional system. Each CDC number begins with a letter, followed by five numbers. Unfortunately, there is no Internet access to a prisoner's CDC number. The only way to obtain this information is by telephone.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
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How to Contact an Inmate
by BofRA in Legal
Contacting an inmate in a county jail or a state or federal prison can be relatively simple, even though many inmates have restrictions upon when, how and with whom they can communicate. Some inmates are allowed to send and receive letters to strangers. Others may not receive messages from anyone except their attorney. These conditions may depend largely on where and why the inmate is being held.D
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How to Look Up Inmate Information
by Angelo Giannatos in Internet
Whether you want to find an incarcerated relative or a prisoner you heard about in the news, looking up inmate information is easy. You can find information about inmates serving in the Federal prison system (from 1982 to the present) through the Federal Bureau of Prisons' website. You can find information about inmates serving time in a state penitentiary through that state's Department of Correc

How to Meet an Inmate
by Jesse in Relationships & Family
The art of writing letters has nearly gone by the wayside. Writing an inmate may be a good way to exercise your writing skills, whether you are looking for a new friend, hoping to reach out to someone who needs help or are looking for a soul mate. Not all inmates are bad people, and you may be able to cultivate a new relationship. While it isn’t hard to meet an inmate, there are safety consi
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What Can I Send an Inmate?
by nsavop in Culture & Society
Gifts for inmates can be something practical, useful and/or entertaining. Common items sent to prison inmates include: print materials, such as books, games, puzzles, and stationery. Relatives and friends of inmates sometimes send monetary gifts and photos. MoneySome states allow prison inmates to receive monetary gifts from relatives and friends. Monetary gifts can give inmates access to perso
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About Inmate Releases
by xetrill in Culture & Society
When an inmate gets released from a jail or prison, special accommodations must be made for the inmate to abide by his probation or parole guidelines. Inmates may be released on any day of the week provided that the judge or magistrate has approved the discharge. TypesThere are typically three types of inmates that can be released from incarceration. In a federal or state prison, the guidelines

How to Locate an Inmate Using a PFN
by Fezlakk in Legal
The Department of Corrections offices located in Alameda County and Santa Clare County identify inmates using a unique identifier. Each inmate that is incarcerated within the county jails is assigned a Personal File Number, or PFN. The number is similar to a social security number. Any correspondence sent to an inmate housed in either facility must be labeled with the PFN. You can locate which fac

How Can I Buy Things for an Inmate?
by z1ggy in Legal
Jail or prison can be a lonely, isolating place, devoid of items of comfort. Many family members of inmates wish to send their inmates packages with food, clothing, magazines and books. Inmates are appreciative of items from "the outside" to make their sentence pass faster. When buying items to send inmates, care must be taken to ensure the jail or prison will accept the items you are sending him.
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Inmate Classifications
by Mario Tristan in Legal
U.S. federal prisons have housed some of the most notorious criminals in history, from Al Capone to Bernie Madoff. The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with 756 incarcerated people for every 100,000 citizens, as of 2008, according to International Centre for Prison Studies at King's College of London. To house these inmates in appropriate facilities, the Bureau of Prisons uses

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