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Integrated Amp Vs. Receiver
by sjmorrison in Electronics
Audio enthusiasts can spend thousands of dollars purchasing the best audio components to create audiophile-quality stereo systems. While a receiver offers multiple features for handling video and receiving radio stations, an integrated amplifier may offer superior sound quality. The Audio SystemAn audio system consists of the following components: a sound source (such as an FM radio receiver or

What Are Integrated Circuits?
by znotdead in Hobbies, Games & Toys
An integrated circuit (IC), also called microchip, represents the most impressive progress in the field of electronics. It includes thousands of elements in a wafer that you can hold with your fingertips. Modern computers, flat screen TVs, small audio devices, modern cell phones were unthinkable before the invention of integrated circuits. Bulbs and TransistorsVacuum tubes were similar to light

DIY Integrated Amplifier
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in Electronics
Integrated amplifiers contain two or more key amplification components. In home audio, an integrated amplifier contains the preamp and power amp. An integrated instrument amplifier contains the preamp, power amp and speaker. Integrated amplifiers are distinct from stand-alone units, which are connected externally. For example, you may plug your guitar into a stand-alone preamp, linked to a power a

What Is an Integrated TV Encoder?
by Uppsala9496 in Electronics
Understanding the basics of what an Integrated TV Encoder does is actually quite simple. It is a circuit that allows video from a computer to be directly output to a TV. Where Encoders are FoundIntegrated TV Encoders are generally a built-in component on computer motherboards and graphics cards. Refer to the manual accompanying your desktop or laptop, or contact the store from which it was purc

Pre Amplifier vs. Integrated
by Mahi in Electronics
In the audiophile world, fans of high-end audio like to bicker endlessly about what format is best (CD, SACD or vinyl), whether to invest more in speakers or the source component or what kind of speakers are best. There is a myriad of choices available to those looking for high-end sound. One common point of contention is whether to get an integrated amplifier or to get a separate preamplifier and

What Is an Integrated Amplifier?
by Alex Bartzas in Electronics
While a receiver can help you connect all of your living room entertainment boxes (VCR, DVD player, CD player, surround sound system, game system), the integrated amplifier allows you to connect your electric device for projecting and recording music. BasicsAn integrated amplifier is an electronic device that professional musicians, audio engineers and some home music enthusiasts use. It contai

About Integrated Deductibles
by yaplik in Health
Major medical insurance is a type of health insurance that provides coverage for a wide range of medical treatments and procedures. Some consumers choose to add a supplemental major medical policy to add coverage for additional claims. Those who choose this option may receive integrated deductibles as a term of their supplemental coverage. Background: DeductiblesIn general, a deductible is an a

What Is an Integrated NIC Card?
by tolis626 in Computers
An Integrated NIC (Network Interface Card) is an Ethernet controller included as part of the motherboard of a computer. As Ethernet has become pervasive in connecting computers to everything from a local network to the Internet and printers, network cards are routinely built into most computers at the factory. The plug (or jack) for an Ethernet connection looks like a somewhat larger version of a

About Integrated Amplifiers
by Progdis in Electronics
Home entertainment systems have come a long way. Movie buffs can now enjoy great movies with crystal-clear pictures and crisp, theater-like sounds. Different entertainment systems from video components to big flat-screen TVs and incredible surround-sound systems are available collectively as home theater systems. Components now come in sleeker and more high-tech versions, such as the integrated am

How to Connect an Integrated Amp
by whatintheworldisthat in Electronics
Integrated amplifiers combine the source switching and volume control functions of a control amp/preamp and the output of a power amplifier in one chassis. Integrated amps can be designed to very exacting specs, and offer a way to get excellent sound without breaking the bank by having to buy two separate components. Hooking up an integrated amplifier is relatively easy to do.Difficulty:Moderately


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