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How to Intern with the FBI
by znotdead in Careers & Job Searching
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is at the forefront of national security and criminal justice. From intelligence to terrorism, the FBI has a long tradition of service to both the United States and its citizens. The organization offers hundreds of career opportunities, but each is exciting, challenging and life-changing. One of the best ways to explore the FBI is through one of its internship p
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What Is Expected of an Intern?
by Vrki in Business
Internships can greatly improve job prospects for college graduates. In fact, in competitive fields, students often do two or more internships to gain experience and make themselves more marketable. To find the best internship for them, students might, with permission, shadow professionals in the organizations they are considering, and ask detailed questions about what the internships would involv

How to Get Hired as an Intern
by Ertaz in Careers & Job Searching
Internships are an excellent way to start your career. Although common for college students, internships are also a great way to switch careers. While many internships are unpaid positions, there are some that will pay. Other internships may start as unpaid and become paid once you prove your value to the organization. Locating the right internship can be difficult, and landing the position may be
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What Does an Accounting Intern Do?
by Braxos in Business
If you're going to college to be an accountant, internships provide a way to get your feet wet in the field and find out if accounting is truly the career path for you. Internships are entry-level, temporary positions, usually with a certified public accounting firm. During your internship, you will perform real work, which will give you an understanding of an accountant's duties and responsibilit

How to Intern With a Campaign
by davidar in Culture & Society
Working as an intern with a campaign can be a rewarding and challenging experience. Internships are open to college students and often the general public, depending upon the circumstance. There are different kinds of campaign internships, including the well-known political-campaign internships and also social-program campaigns, such as those for non-profit organizations. The same amount of effort

How to Interview an Intern
by EvilNodZ in Business
Interviewing an intern is like pruning a new rose bush. Instead of full blooms, it is full of buds ready to burst into color and fragrance. Interns have a lot of potential without much real-world work experience. You will get the best results by using behavioral interviewing techniques utilizing open-ended questions. Instead of a "yes/no" answer, intern candidates have to describe situations demon
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MBA Intern Jobs
by mysql in Personal Finance
Master of Business Administration students can supplement their graduate education by participating in internships that offer them real-world business experience. MBA students should seek out internships that interest them rather than simply meet school requirements for an internship. With so many sub-fields in business to choose from, MBA students have access to a range of internship opportunitie
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What Do You Wear as an Intern?
by Al Velella in Careers & Job Searching
You dressed your best for the interview and landed the internship. Now dressing for the actual internship is threatening to be an even greater challenge. Luckily the interview that got you the internship should have provided some insight into the future wardrobe you will be expected to wear. If you feel clueless about what to wear, ask someone before the big day. Otherwise, plan to dress your best
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Intern Duties
by mrmt in Education
Internship provide the opportunities to build a relationship with the company, network with other people in the field and gain valuable first-hand experience. The everyday duties of an intern differ between industries. Although not all internships lead to positions within the company, they do give you the knowledge and experience you need to be confident in your career endeavors. Administrati
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Job Description of a PR Intern
by Erenhardt in Careers & Job Searching
Becoming an intern with a public relations company is a natural step for those wishing to pursue a career in PR after graduation. Public relations is an extremely competitive industry, and employers will generally seek those with a relevant college degree and experience gained through an internship. Becoming an intern is a way of gaining more insight and understanding into the world of public rela

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