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How to Include an Invitation to Dinner & Drinks in a Wedding Invitation
by Orkspalter in Weddings
Wedding invitations are a stylish way to let your guests know what to expect at your wedding. Invitations include details about the hosts, the engaged couple, the date, time and place, reception details and any other pertinent information that the couple wishes the guests to know. When your wedding celebration includes dinner and drinks, you can include that information in the wedding invitations.

How to Arrange Invitation Inserts With a Pocket Invitation
by PeterYunZhang in Weddings
A wedding invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will get of your wedding, which, for most people, is one of the most important days of their lives. You want a beautiful, well-organized invitation that gets your guests excited to attend your wedding. Most wedding invitations come with a few enclosures, so using a pocket invitation is an ideal way to keep the inserts organized. Follow pro

Rails: “pending” invitation not working but “accepted” invitation is?
by Ohad Barzilay in Programming Languages

I'm currently trying to make an app for uploading pics. there are users, albums, pics. The catch is that there can be multiple owners for each album, so in the form to create an album there is a check box portion where you highlight your friends names and "invite them" to be an owner. However I'm trying to make it so that an invite has to be "accepted" before ownership is shared. I'm trying to

How to Say No to an Invitation
by Nate-X in Culture & Society
Now that we are all living longer and enriching our lives by staying active, we are going to have more and more opportunities for social and business interaction. Declining an invitation properly is essential to maintaining good relationships. Here are some examples of how to turn down different types of invitations.
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The Best Invitation Ideas
by Gurpreet Singh in Holidays & Celebrations
When throwing a party, the invitation is the first thing that your guests will see and will create the first impression for the party, celebration, or event. When creating your invitations, keep a few things in mind, such as who the party is for, what the purpose of the party or celebration is, and the type of activities that will be provided during the gathering. Use these as ideas to make your i

How to Respond to an Invitation
by ioudas in Culture & Society
RSVP derives from the French term "Réspondez S'il Vous Plaît," which translates to "please respond" in English. The purpose of an RSVP is to advise a host whether or not invited guests will attend his celebration. Failing to RSVP leaves the host to speculate about the number of guests he needs to plan for having. When you receive an invitation that requests an RSVP, do so in the manne

How to Photoshop an Invitation
by Barry in Computers
Carving out space on peoples' calendars may be a difficult undertaking, with appointments, family time, special occasions and work filling up many waking hours. To capture both your invitees' attention and their time, make a custom invitation in Photoshop that will stand out in the mailbox or the inbox. Using Adobe Photoshop's graphic software features, design an invitation to suit just about any

How to Format an Invitation
by Bunny loves data in Holidays & Celebrations
Invitations can be professionally printed, made on your home computer, or done in calligraphy by hand. The benefit of working with a professional stationer lies in the many options and samples you can look through. If you make the invitations yourself, you may feel at a loss for how to format the card template, but the possibilities and styles are endless, and you can make them coordinate with loo

What to Say in a Birthday Invitation
by Oli in Holidays & Celebrations
A birthday is a special time when you get to celebrate a momentous day with someone you love. Whether for your own birthday or the birthday of a child or spouse, a birthday invitation provides you with the opportunity to share pertinent information with party guests to ensure a carefree, fun celebration. Describe the PartyA well-written birthday invitation begins with a short message (less than

How to Do a Roast Invitation
by Mahesh in Parties & Entertaining
Perhaps more than any other type of party or social gathering, a roast depends on guest participation. After all, the point of a roast is to retell humorous stories, share revealing anecdotes, tell jokes, raise a glass in tribute to and, yes, even lob a few good-humored barbs at the guest of honor. If you are the host of a roast, or the “roastmaster,” then it’s incumbent on you t
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