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How to Make Iodine Crystals From Seven Percent Liquid Iodine
by godihatework in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Buying iodine crystals in the United States is now regulated by the federal government, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center. This is part of an effort to curb the use of iodine crystals to manufacture methamphetamine. However, this has created a problem for those who participate in what is known as at-home chemistry, which is legal experimentation done by chemists. Iodine crystals h

How to Separate Iodine From Solutions of Iodine in Alcohol
by HidingInABunker in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Iodine is an element in the halogen group. Outside of organic chemistry, it is commonly used as a disinfectant in an alcohol solution. It reacts with bacteria in a manner similar to bleach, except it is not as damaging to the human body and will sterilize a surface or wound for a considerably longer period because it does not vaporize. Isolating the pure iodine crystals from the alcohol-iodine s

How to Convert Iodine to a Tincture of Iodine
by davidg in Health
Iodine is a strong germicide used at home, in hospitals and doctors' offices for its antibacterial properties. In its pure form (also called elemental iodine), iodine is a dark-colored powder and does not dissolve well in just water. Creating a tincture or alcohol-based mixture allows for the iodine to dissolve better, and the alcohol can enhance the germicidal qualities of it. Tincture of iodine

How to Buy Iodine
by witeken in Health
Many people take iodine supplements for various health reasons, including thyroid disorders, breast cancer and detoxification. There are numerous quality sources from which to buy this important mineral supplement. NonprescriptionYou do not need a prescription to buy iodine supplements. They are readily available over the counter through many sources and are easy to find, especially if you shop
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What Is Prolamine Iodine?
by YuriyLazarev in Health
Prolamine iodine is a product created by the Standard Process company. This product provides 2,000 percent of the daily value (DV) established by the U.S. government, according to Standard Process. This supplement comes in the form of an oral tablet taken once daily or as directed by a physician, according to instructions on its label. It is widely available and can be bought from distributors nat

What Is in Lugols Iodine?
by bdurbin in Health
Lugols iodine is a brown transparent bacteriostatic fungicidal liquid. It contains 10 parts of potassium iodide to five parts iodine to 85 parts of distilled water. Lugols iodine in the pure potassium iodide form was used as a treatment for iodine deficiency of the thyroid. With the addition of iodine-to-salt content, iodine deficiency is less common. HistoryLugols iodine, also called Lugols so
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What Is Decolorized Iodine?
by Martin Koch in Health
Decolorized iodine, sometimes called "white" iodine, is an over-the-counter first aid antiseptic used to help heal burns, cuts and scrapes, and it can also used to strengthen broken or brittle nails. According to the Earth Clinic website, it is also used as a natural cure for cold or flu, anxiety, allergies, PMS, hypothyroidism, bladder infections, moles, dermatitis and fibrocystic breast disease.

Uses for White Iodine
by Skipholiday in Health
White iodine, also known as colorless iodine, has a wide variety of unexpected applications and boasts remarkable benefits. But there are risks associated with the use of white iodine that should be fully understood before using it for certain purposes. AntisepticAntisepticComstock Images/Comstock/Getty ImagesLike the traditional orange-brown iodine, white iodine can be used as an antiseptic ap
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Uses for Iodine Crystals
by Nate-X in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Iodine is a natural chemical substance that is useful and necessary for a healthy lifestyle. This substance can be found in a solid crystalline form or as a gas--it has no liquid state. The crystals sublimate directly from a solid form to a gaseous form. This useful chemical has applications in the worlds of medicine, science and business. Tincture of IodineFor many years tincture of iodine ha

How to Mix an Iodine Bath for Your Dog
by Rit Li in Pets
As a pet owner, it's distressing to see your pet in discomfort. When dogs are afflicted with allergies that the vet can't seem to fix with medications, it can be especially upsetting. Fortunately, you can help relieve your dog's suffering. While it does take a bit of preparation, an iodine bath can greatly ease your pet's pain and itching from skin conditions.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions
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