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Round-Trip Bus Tours of Italy from Milan, Italy
by Lafe in Travel
Known for its rich cuisine, breathtaking vineyards and welcoming people, Italy is a popular destination for many tourists. When departing from the city of Milan, a number of round-trip bus tours are available that take you to various regions of the country. Prices depend on what time of the year you travel, so always take time to compare rates before booking your trip. Also, make sure to check

How to Travel From Rome Italy to Livorno Italy
by DaveF in Travel
There are many travel options in Italy, where distances are relatively short and there are extensive public train and bus routes as well as highways, airports and maritime ports. Here are some of the transportation options between Rome and Livorno, a historic port city in the northern region of Tuscany.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Follow the A1 autostrada that links Rome to Florence, 173 mil

What Is the VAT in Italy?
by MJRider in Travel
The VAT in Italy is the value-added tax. It is an indirect tax on all business transactions involving goods and services, and is also known as "imposta sul valore aggiunto" or IVA. HistoryThe value-added tax was introduced in 1954 by French economist Maurice Laure. The VAT is applicable for all countries in the European Union and is different for each country.
RatesIn 2010, Italy's VAT for b
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How to get around Italy
by eroi in Travel
There are multiple ways of travelling around Italy, depending on the type of trip being undertaken. Generally, to get around Italy the fastest way is by train. There are many different operators providing express services from city to city. Buses are the best option for visitors on a budget, however with no national bus company most bus routes stay within a city or town, although there are various
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About Italy
by cthulhup in Travel
Italy is a European country that has a long and diverse history. It has the eighth highest rating in terms of quality of life in the world. Italy is composed of mountains and fertile valleys, and has a climate that is warm in the south but much cooler in the north. Many of the greatest cities in all of Europe are within the borders of Italy, which boasts a high literacy rate and many natural resou
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The Best Way to Fly to Italy
by Erik in Travel
Italy is a popular vacation spot, and it can be one of the more expensive European destinations for airline travelers from North America. However, there are a few tips that will help you save money, plus several ways to manage your air travel that can enhance your Italian vacation. Save MoneyFly midweek and you could save money. Wednesday often is the cheapest day to fly since most business tra
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How to Buy a Car in Italy
by mitry in Cars
When in Rome it is best to do as Romans do, and when in Italy, that means doing your best to be familiar with the market when it comes to buying a car. Whether interested in purchasing a new or used car, buying a car is no simple task for anyone. There are several recommended steps that can be taken in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes and risk losing valuable time and money.Difficulty:Moderate
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Hairstyles From Italy
by Timur Asaliev in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Italians have always been known for fashion. Whether it is the streets of Rome or Milan, fashion is key in the Mediterranean peninsula. Italy has given the world many unforgettable fashion icons, from Sylvia in "La Dolce Vita" to high-class names like Gucci and Robert Cavalli. Hair is no different for the aesthetic country; even from ancient Roman times, Italy has graced the world with luxurious h

How to Use Your BlackBerry in Italy
by Griff in Electronics
When traveling, many people will choose to use a local cell phone service provider in order to stay connected to family and friends. However, you may wish to continue using your own BlackBerry smartphone while abroad. Fortunately, if a traveler "unlocks" the BlackBerry, a local Italian cell phone plan can be bought using a simple SIM card.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Nee

Ski Hostels in Italy
by picamiolo in Travel
Ski trips to the Italian Alps are not always synonymous with traveling on a budget, and there certainly are a number of high-priced resorts to prove it. However, a handful of genuine hostels in Italy are located right in the midst of some the best skiing in Europe. Ostello DolomitiOstello Dolomiti is located in San Martino di Castrozza in northeastern Italy, about 100 miles north of Venice and
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