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how to highlight a selected item from a repeater while clicking on that item that is navigating to other page there the item should highlighted
by GTech33 in Software

In a visual web part i am using a repeater control and the items are pages while clicking on that item that will navigates to another page in that page also i am placing the same web part. Now my requirement is while navigating to the page the selected page item should be highlighted. I implement the below code, so please suggest what to add this.

Thanks in advance.


How to improve compare of item in sorted List<MyItem> with item before and after current item?
by Kneedragger in Programming Languages

Does anyone know about a good way to accomplish this task?

Currently i'm doing it more ore less this way, but i'm feeling someway unhappy with this code, unable to say what i could immediately improve.

So if anyone has a smarter way of doing this job i would be happy to know.

private bool Check(List<MyItem> list)
bool result = true;
How to open list item by clicking on item row (instead of selecting item)?
by Frank Bradley in Programming Languages

How to open list item (or folder) when user click on item row (not on linktitlenomenu column)?
By default sharepoint select this item and I need select items by clicking on checkbox only and open item otherwise.
I see many different jQuery scripts, but I find only how to get link on item with jQuery:

$(document).ready(function () {

For a given item X and shopping records array, write code to find out what else (item Y) was bought mostly by the customers who bought item X
by nedfunnell in Development Tools & Services

We have an array representing customer’s shopping records.
For example, it’s an array like this:

custA, item1,
custB, item1,
custA, item2,
custB, item3,
custC, item1,
custC, item3,
custD, item2,

This array indicates that customer A bought item 1, customer B bought item 1, customer A bought item 2, customer B bought item

Item-by-item list comparison, updating each item with its result (no third list)
by yaplik in Databases

The solutions I have found so far in my research on comparing lists of objects have usually generated a new list of objects, say of those items existing in one list, but not in the other. In my case, I want to compare two lists to discover the items whose key exists in one list and not the other (comparing both ways), and for those keys found in both lists, checking whether the value is the sa

Javascript: How to remove an array item(JSON object) based on the item property value?
by cheese_doodle in Programming Languages

like this:

var arr = [
{ name: "robin", age: 19 },
{ name: "tom", age: 29 },
{ name: "test", age: 39 }

I want to remove array item like this(an array prototype method):

arr.remove("name", "test"); // remove by name
arr.remove("age", "29"); // remove by age
Android - testing billing purchase with real item id gives error: Item Not Found
by Igor Carron in Programming Languages

I have a situation where I tested on a test device with the item id: android.test.purchased
And things worked. Then once I changed that string with the real item id, I started getting Item Not Found error when I pressed the buy button.

Also the buy item is a subscription and not a 1-time purchase. Does that make a difference?

I was not sure which part of the cod

Error when saving ObjectContext after replacing Parent item and linking Child item to it
by takuya in Coding

In my application, the interface allows the user to create and delete entities in an Entity Framework model. All changes are added to the ObjectContext, and saved only when the user selects "Save".

My question is best asked by means of the following simple example:

I have a Foreign Key relation between two entity types, which I will call Parent

Modifying an item in a WPF sorted ListView doesn't change the sort position of that item
by soulcougher73 in Programming Languages

I have a sortable listview that gets filled with a live data as it comes. Sorting works perfectly but the real problem arises when an item is modified after being added to the collection. The position of modified item does not change no matter what the sort orders is.

I have googled it but couldn't find a better solution to make my listview a perfect sorted listview.


Item rendered via a DataTemplate with any Background Brush renders selection coloring behind item
by Veliko in Development Tools & Services

I have a ListBox which uses a DataTemplate to render databound items. The XAML for the datatemplate is as follows:

<DataTemplate x:Key="NameResultTemplate">
<WrapPanel x:Name="PersonResultWrapper" Margin="0" Orientation="Vertical" Background="{Binding Converter={StaticResource NameResultToColor}, Mode=OneWay}" >

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