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j2ee.jar in jboss 6.0 as
by JulianCT in Programming Languages

i install jboss 6.0 in mac os

i could not find j2ee.jar in JBOSS/client directory.

where can i found j2ee.jar? i have check some of links. it mentions j2ee.jar locate in JBOSS/client but it jboss 4.0 version.

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J2EE Question: How can I do this?
by oferrer in Programming Languages

Firstly, it was hard to include the question inside the title, so don't bash me.

I have a web framework created by someone and I need to learn to use it.

Let's say I have this HTML form:

<form action="servletX" method="get">
<input name="action" value="search" type="submit">

When the search butto

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How to do dynamic URL Rewriting in J2EE
by znotdead in Programming Languages

Back in my ASP.NET days, I used URLRewriter.NET to do dynamic URL Rewrites. Basically, it's an HTTPModule that intercepts page requests and rewrites the URLs according to rules that you define, very similar to MOD_REWRITE. However, it also lets you define a "Custom Transform," a class with a single method that does URL translations for you on-the-fly. You can have this method hit the DB, acc

J2EE project, too much memory?
by Broburger in Programming Languages

I am responsible to maintain one server running a J2EE web application. Jboss 4.0 is used as servlet container and the JVM is started with memory enough to run the application (I think):

if [ "x$JAVA_OPTS" = "x" ]; then
JAVA_OPTS="-server -Xms1500m -Xmx1500m -Dsun.rmi.dgc.client.gcInterval=3600000 -Dsun.rmi.dgc.server.gcInterval=3600000"

I have to restart

How best to modernize the 2002-era J2EE app?
by TwiceOver in Programming Languages

I have this friend....

I have this friend who works on a java ee application (j2ee) application started in the early 2000's. Currently they add a feature here and there, but have a large codebase. Over the years the team has shrunk by 70%.

[Yes, the "i have this friend is". It's me, attempting to humorously inject teenage high-school counselor shame into the mix]

How do I write a J2EE/EJB Singleton?
by walkur in Programming Languages

A day ago my application was one EAR, containing one WAR, one EJB JAR, and a couple of utility JAR files. I had a POJO singleton class in one of those utility files, it worked, and all was well with the world:

|--- WAR
|--- EJB JAR
|--- Util 1 JAR
|--- Util 2 JAR
|--- etc.

Then I created a second WAR and found out (the hard w

Can J2EE web appliction be hosted on IIS
by deom2i in Programming Languages

can we host a j2ee web application on IIS 5.1 server on windows xp

playing flv videos in jsp/j2ee
by Kapishin in Programming Languages

i want to play flv videos on my website. The video files are not stored on my server but i only have the url of video . The url of video donot end with .flv. So my flv player( jw player) gives error "video not found " . only if the url is ending with .flv then it plays.

How can i play the videos whose path dont end with .flv ??
I cant download it on my server and the forward b

J2EE Programming Job Description
by Fezlakk in Careers & Job Searching
J2EE, also known as Java Platform Enterprise Edition or Java EE, is a widely used platform for server programming. J2EE programmers help improve a company's operating processes by developing applications through the Java programming language. Tasks and ExpectationsA J2EE programmer develops new components and enhancements for a company's operating processes, reviews business requirements, advis

Job Description for a J2EE Developer
by Gilmar Souza Jr. in Careers & Job Searching
J2EE is the abbreviation for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition, a product developed by Sun MicroSystems to allow computer programmers to develop Internet-friendly enterprise applications. A J2EE developer is an information technology professional who has specific experience with J2EE, as well as systems and software used with this platform to develop robust applications. EducationMost employer

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