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Correlation between JEE / J2EE to J2SE / JDK versions
Category : Programming Languages

I was certain that I'll find a duplicate question or a satisfiyng answer, but I haven't.

What I'm looking for is the answer to these questions:

Is there an official correlation between JEE / J2EE and J2SE / JDK versions?
If the answer is yes, where is it written?
If the answer is no, then why? and is there an unofficial version table (e.g. JDK 1.4 goes well with J

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Retrieve data in IMS from J2EE application
Category : Programming Languages

Currently, i have a J2EE application that retrieves data from IMS database through MQ. We would like to fetch data directly instead - without using MQ. Is there any option? Any connectors that we could deploy in our server (WAS 6) that would help us communicate to IMS and retrieve data from it? Any links in this regard would also be helpful.

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J2EE - JPA - EJB3 - Transactions in MDB methods
Category : Programming Languages

I have resource local datasource (Oracle9i) deployed at JBoss 5.1.0:


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J2EE Packaging: Two ears and one shared EJB
Category : Programming Languages

Let's say I have two ear file and one .jar file with an EJB that both of the EARs use. I want to do this because in some cases I might deploy one ear to an app server, but in others I might want to deploy both and I don't want to create different ear file for each scenario.

How do I best package the "client" classes for the EJB? Using JBoss I can put them pretty much anywhere and

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J2ee packaging - where should 3rd party libs go?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm working on an older j2ee project. It runs on JBoss. It deploys various ears and wars. It also requires many jar files in the $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/lib directory. Should those all be moved to the ear and war files?

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J2EE Session Management Between Web & EJB Tier
Category : Programming Languages

I have a J2ee application consisting of 1 web module and 1 EJB module. Inside my EJB module I have a stateful session bean containing my business logic.

What I would like is:

When a user logs in to my web application and creates a new session in the web tier I want that user to be assigned an instance of my session bean.

At the moment a session is being creat

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j2ee single login from just one ip address
Category : Programming Languages

I am using Glassfish V3 with filerealm. How do I ensure each username can only be login into one machine at any one time.

I thought of using a hashmap datastore to store the remote address, but then it would means I would need to change all the struts actions to check if the user has already login and is not from another ip address.

How is it being done ? this is only

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Help for Platform plus Plugin development by J2ee
Category : Coding

I want to develop a monitor platform which can monitor many different subjects such as database, OS, middle ware etc.

The system includes two parts:
1. Report center(Show some useful chart and report)
2. Collector(Collect information from monitored subject)

For the time being, I just want to monitor some parameters of oracle and Linux. And I w

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J2EE: How to package 3rd party JARs into an EJB jar?
Category : Programming Languages

I have an old J2EE application (J2EE 1.3), which packages into an EAR, and in the EAR, there are WARs and EJB JARs. Now one of the EJB JARs needs to refer to some 3rd party library JARs, so what's the best place to package those JARs and how?

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Java / J2EE development on Windows 7
Category : Programming Languages

I want to buy a new laptop and I am wondering whether Windows 7 64 bits is the right OS for me. I need to work with the following software:

MySQL, PostgreSQL
Tomcat, Jetty
ActiveMQ, JBossMQ
Eclipse, Netbeans, Aptana, Tortoise SVN

If it’s not the right choice, what else would you recommend?

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