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Help for Platform plus Plugin development by J2ee
by Bruce in Coding

I want to develop a monitor platform which can monitor many different subjects such as database, OS, middle ware etc.

The system includes two parts:
1. Report center(Show some useful chart and report)
2. Collector(Collect information from monitored subject)

For the time being, I just want to monitor some parameters of oracle and Linux. And I w

Retrieve data in IMS from J2EE application
by XiandreX in Programming Languages

Currently, i have a J2EE application that retrieves data from IMS database through MQ. We would like to fetch data directly instead - without using MQ. Is there any option? Any connectors that we could deploy in our server (WAS 6) that would help us communicate to IMS and retrieve data from it? Any links in this regard would also be helpful.

Difference between JDK, J2EE and J2SE codename
by Tridnewly in Programming Languages

I have see the same topics here and some topics on other sites, but I'm really still confuse how Sun names those version.

Here is my knownledge about those codename. Please see it and correct for me:

JDK: stands for Java Development Kit can be know as the most basic of Java, use to develop client side application (such as desktop application (use Swing, awt, ...) or Appl

Scalability of J2EE web services, how to approach?
by futurefields in Web Design

I have this web client (built entirely through a Javascript Ajax framework), that communicates with the middle tier via web service calls (3 web services are deployed on JBoss, 1 web service is deployed on Tomcat). All of the web services access the same Oracle database. The web services are built through Axis2 and Spring. All the services are deployed on 1 machine, the database on another.

Securing J2EE 1.4 Webservice in JDeveloper
by yodude7 in Programming Languages

I have a web service created in JDeveloper using J2EE 1.4 (JAX-RPC) wizards.

I need to run it over a SSL on an Oracle Application Server that is configured for supporting HTTPS.

EDIT: I have created the web service following the following instructions:

Correlation between JEE / J2EE to J2SE / JDK versions
by Rob M in Programming Languages

I was certain that I'll find a duplicate question or a satisfiyng answer, but I haven't.

What I'm looking for is the answer to these questions:

Is there an official correlation between JEE / J2EE and J2SE / JDK versions?
If the answer is yes, where is it written?
If the answer is no, then why? and is there an unofficial version table (e.g. JDK 1.4 goes well with J

How do I add the j2ee.jar to a Java2WSDL ant script programmatically?
by Caleb Ames in Java

I am using IBM's Rational Application Developer. I have an ant script that contains the Java2WSDL task. When I run it via IBM, it gives compiler errors unless I include the j2ee.jar file in the classpath via the run tool (it does not pick up the jar files in the classpath in the script). However, I need to be able to call this script programmatically, and it is giving me this error: "java.lang.

change maven j2ee deploy name
by textmate in Development Tools & Services

I'm developing an app in maven and it's deploy name is concatenation of artifactId + "_" + groupId + "_" + "packaging" + "_" + version which is pretty ugly. And I'm lookuping for an EJB and I would need to change the uri after eventual version change.
Do you know how to change this deploy name?

I'm deploying it via netbeans.

How i get the scheduler Jobs in J2ee server
by patrickcarver in Programming Languages

i'm trying to get current Executing Job with the method
scheduler.getCurrentlyExecutingJobs(); but i really don't know how should be used. i'm using jboss 4.2 and quartz 1.6

replicating data between sites in a j2ee app
by ShifterMSK in Programming Languages

we have a J2EE app on which we're still working. It runs on Oracle DB. and the business tier is coded with EJB 2.0 with a rich client interface.

now, the application is going to be deployed on multiple sites. and each site will be creating new items (new contracts, etc.).

what we want to realize is to duplicate all new items added to a central location DB using same DB s

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