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in a J2EE application when does a listener get called?
by hyperNURb in Programming Languages

I have a J2EE app and it has a listener in web.xml.

Listener contains a method called contextInitialized

I want to know when does contextInitialized actually get called?

From my reading I understand that it gets called when deploying the application. Can there be situations/scenario's where it could be called after the

How to use the RTC-Client 2.0.0 to create a J2EE project to do the jsp?
by negonicrac in Development Tools & Services

I want to ask a question about the RTC-Client 2.0.0. I want to use the RTC-Client-2.0.0 to create a project (I guess the type of the project is J2EE) to create the .jsp. However, I cannot find any J2EE project type when I click the 'New > Project'.

Do I need to install something or do other things?

J2EE Session Management Between Web & EJB Tier
by TreVader in Programming Languages

I have a J2ee application consisting of 1 web module and 1 EJB module. Inside my EJB module I have a stateful session bean containing my business logic.

What I would like is:

When a user logs in to my web application and creates a new session in the web tier I want that user to be assigned an instance of my session bean.

At the moment a session is being creat

best way in setting up a j2ee dev and live enviornment
by Zog in Databases

Hi guys i was wondering whats the best way/practise of setting up a j2ee project on a "live" machine that will be accessible worldwide when my web app is deployed and on a dev envrionment i.e. the pc i will use to write code.

i have two pc's at home. one is a server that is running certain services open to the world and another is my home pc where i do my usual personal stuff(play g

replicating data between sites in a j2ee app
by ShifterMSK in Programming Languages

we have a J2EE app on which we're still working. It runs on Oracle DB. and the business tier is coded with EJB 2.0 with a rich client interface.

now, the application is going to be deployed on multiple sites. and each site will be creating new items (new contracts, etc.).

what we want to realize is to duplicate all new items added to a central location DB using same DB s

J2EE war file redeployment changes not reflected
by bigben2wardpitt in Programming Languages

I created the the file index.jsp as below

<form action="" method="POST"><br>
First Name: <input type="text" name="firstName" size="20"><br>
Surname: <input type="text" name="surname" size="20"><br>
<input type="submit" value="Submit"><br>

I export it to .war and ever

j2ee webapp A using authentication facility of web app B
by SteveGrabowski in Development Tools & Services

Any user that tries to access some secure resources on my webapp A needs to be authenticated with a webapp B. B has access to the user credentials password etc., I am wondering about the right way to go about this.

One alternative would be to have a filter protecting my secure pages. If a user that is unauthenticated access A secure resource from A, the filter catches the request an

Java / J2EE development on Windows 7
by Tashi in Programming Languages

I want to buy a new laptop and I am wondering whether Windows 7 64 bits is the right OS for me. I need to work with the following software:

MySQL, PostgreSQL
Tomcat, Jetty
ActiveMQ, JBossMQ
Eclipse, Netbeans, Aptana, Tortoise SVN

If it’s not the right choice, what else would you recommend?

JMS Tutorial j2eeadmin and j2ee comands
by swilli89 in Programming Languages

I'm trying to follow the "Java Messaging Service API Tutorial", I have installed the "java_ee_sdk_6u4", but the tutorial is about an old java ee SDK, 1.3.1.

The tutorial asks to start the J2EE server by entering the command

j2ee -verbose

and later it asks to create a queue named MyQueue using this command

j2eeadmin -addJmsDestinatio

Need help understanding JNDI and a particular ClassCastException in J2EE
by Rob Wright in Programming Languages

I have an enterprise application A and B deployed (in WLS 10.0). A is the "framework", B is a client app.
The client issues the following calls:

Object o = ctx.lookup(jndiName); // line 1
cf = (ConnectionFactory) o; // line 2

ConnectionFactory is an interface, defined as:

public interface ConnectionFactory
extends java.io.Se

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