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How to trigger a Symbian C++ application within a J2ME application for Nokia phones using J2ME API?
by dmossakowski in C & C++ & C#

Anyone knows how to trigger a Symbian C++ application using any J2ME API call? I have a J2ME application that needs a customized photo taking application in Symbian C++. The reason for separating into two applications is because J2ME has a limit in heap size and the J2ME needs to know the path of photo after taking it.

Thanks a lot for your help.


How to make this: J2ME encrypt C# decrypt And J2ME decrypt C# encrypt?
by DMasterX in C & C++ & C#


string keystr = "0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef";
string plainText = "www.bouncycastle.org";
RijndaelManaged crypto = new RijndaelManaged();
crypto.KeySize = 128;
crypto.Mode = CipherMode.CBC;
crypto.Padding = PaddingMode.PKCS7;
crypto.Key = keystr.ToCharArray().Select(c=>(byte)c).ToArray();

Qt or j2me is better?
by comphollic in Programming Languages

I am planning to do some development for Nokia Devices. Can someone tell me which to use between Qt framework and j2me?

TAGS : j2me better

ArrayList in J2ME?
by cashshadow in Programming Languages

I have an arraylist of database records. I want to put it in my J2ME List. But there is no split or arraylist in J2ME. How can I do it? A code example would be nice.

TAGS : ArrayList J2ME

J2ME architecture
by Stas in Programming Languages

I was reading about the J2ME architecture where it was written that there are 3 layers

1) Configuration Layer: It has JVM and interacts with the OS
2) Profile layer: Minimum set of API's for small device
3) MIDP layer: Contains Java API's

The book is J2ME: The Complete Reference


1) Do every phone have an OS? If not what is th

Android UI vs J2ME UI
by BofRA in Programming Languages

I know Android is better than J2ME, but I need to know what can I do with android but j2me can't? (just about UI), some examples could be...

TAGS : Android J2ME

Android and J2ME
by Bunny loves data in Programming Languages

Can anyone please clear my doubt regarding the query that does Android Programming has anything to do with the J2ME?

Does Android Development comes under J2ME Platform as J2ME is used basically for the Mobile Applications and Android is also the same one.

Please let me know if anybody is knowing it.

TAGS : Android J2ME

PIM Event + j2me
by NextInLine in Programming Languages

How to make instance of PIM Event and set thsi attributes to it

public String eventType;
public Date eventFromDate;
public Date eventToDate;
public Date alarmFromDate;
public Date alarmToDate;
public Vector recepient;
public String descriptionOfEvent;
TAGS : Event j2me

J2ME FileConnection
by soonk in Programming Languages

How can i delete a directory (folder) that contains files or/and other folders in j2me?
I know how to use fileconnection but it can not delete a folder that contains other folders or files.

Can I use HashMaps in J2ME?
by Theo in Programming Languages

I cannot find much documentation about HashMaps in j2me. Does anyone have experience with this? How to create a HashMap?

Map map1 = new HashMap();

should work, right?

TAGS : HashMaps J2ME

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