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JVM terminates when launching eclipse with J2SE 6.0 on mac os x (need J2SE 6.0 for Oracle enterprise pack for eclipse)
by Skurge in Development Tools & Services

I know my issue has party been addressed at this link


but it was a year+ ago.. plus the link that's provided in there

does not seem to be alive (i mean the download section on that link no longer provi

by ShayH in Programming Languages

How to setup/configure the environment "CDC-1.0/Foundation-1.0,J2SE-1.3" of an OS (for example windows XP, linux)?

Because I want to run the embedded AWT application which requires this environment.

TAGS : Foundation J2SE

Do I Need the J2SE Runtime Environment?
by Dennizzz in Computers
If you are going to run applications written in Java, then you are likely going to need to install the environment. If you are going to use online applications, chances are that you are going to encounter Java applets or applications which will require that you have the J2SE Runtime Environment installed. Web-Based ApplicationsJava applets that perform small tasks will require this environment.

Java (J2SE) and Bluetooth
by Thomas Gueze in Programming Languages

I want to write some small program. It will run on my computer(laptop) with bluetooth adapter and then discover all the visible Bluetooth adapters (phones, printers, other computers, etc.), but I've not worked with bluetooth in Java before.

Help me to find starting point, please.
What SDKs or libraries I must download first? What literature to read?

I've googled Blu

Download sun.net package for J2SE 1.3
by James Clarke in Programming Languages

I can find the package for JDK6.0 at here
Can anyone let me know where I can download sun.net package for J2SE 1.3? Thanks,

Easiest way to integrate J2SE app with a Web app
by Maxton in Programming Languages

I have a really simple J2SE app that consists of a couple of classes. I plan to make it available to my co-workers, and I've been thinking the easiest way would be for them to access it from a browser, instead of distributing the executable on each machine.

What's the easiest method/framework that would allow me to do this? This app is pretty targeted-- it will just perform the same

DataSource and DriverManager on J2SE
by Mark W in Programming Languages

I'm interested in developing a desktop application that connects to a MySQL DB.
After reading this java tutorial on DB connection (and several others) I have a question.
Using DataSource seems popular on J2EE while DriverManager is a common choise for desktop applications.
Is it still possible to use DataSource on a desktop application? If yes, is it a better choice over DriverMa

Correlation between JEE / J2EE to J2SE / JDK versions
by Rob M in Programming Languages

I was certain that I'll find a duplicate question or a satisfiyng answer, but I haven't.

What I'm looking for is the answer to these questions:

Is there an official correlation between JEE / J2EE and J2SE / JDK versions?
If the answer is yes, where is it written?
If the answer is no, then why? and is there an unofficial version table (e.g. JDK 1.4 goes well with J

Cell Phone Monitor in J2SE
by tiagoggama in Programming Languages

Need an incoming cell phone call monitoring in my application. In realtime.
Java Application is running at PC (Linux or Windows).
There is a connection PC to cell phone over serial cable or bluetooth.

How to implement monitoring? Are there any frameworks that provide high level interface to major mobile systems (nokia, SE, motorola, siemens) without need to write AT-comman

can anyone tell me the equivalent class of j2se for blackberry?
by RoBo in Programming Languages

I want to know which types in blackberry that i can use instead of these j2se types:


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