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What Were Some of Jesse James Accomplishments?
by sepe in Culture & Society
Born in Missouri to poor farmers in 1847, Jesse James grew up in the antebellum South and was a sympathizer of the Confederacy. After the Civil War, James formed one of the most notorious bands of outlaws in U.S. history, robbing banks and trains throughout the Midwest. In April 1882, James was killed in his home by long-time associates, Charles and Robert Ford. Civil WarJames was reported to h

Jesse Tree Crafts
by KingGuppy in Holidays & Celebrations
During the Advent Season, Christian families sometimes decorate a Jesse Tree. The origin of the custom comes from the Old Testament verse in Isaiah: "A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit." This passage is read by Christians to foreshadow the coming of Christ, whose lineage is traced back to King David.
A Jesse Tree is a branch, collected or cre
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Jesse W Reno's Inventions
by Walruz in Culture & Society
Jesse W. Reno is best known for inventing the moving stairs, or escalator. Interestingly enough, the invention that is so common now in airports and office buildings, started off as an amusement ride at Coney Island in New York. Jesse tried other business ventures and concepts to improve the technological age and advance his moving stairs idea. Some of them worked and some of them didn't, or were

Jesse Tree Lessons
by davidg in Culture & Society
A Jesse Tree is a way of marking the passage of Advent, used by some families and congregations in place of a Christmas tree. It can be an actual tree or a representation of one (for example, embroidered onto a banner), and the idea is to give children an opportunity to decorate the tree each week with ornaments that are drawn from biblical events leading from the creation of the world to its fina
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Jesse James Crafts
by jason166 in Education
Jesse James has become a legend in American history. Born in 1847, Jesse was still a teenager when he ran off to fight for the Confederate Army in 1864. When the Civil War ended, Jesse embarked on a criminal career until his demise in 1882. Studying Jesse James offers some great opportunities for craft activities, including representations of the Civil War era. Confederate ArmyTry creating som
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What Is the Jesse Stuart Foundation?
by dlock13 in Culture & Society
The Jesse Stuart Foundation is named after author and teacher Jesse Hilton Stuart, whose material is based on his home region of Appalachia. The foundation is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is keeping the spirit of Jesse's work alive through various activities and supporting the work of other Appalachian authors. The foundation operates out of its office in Ashland, Kentucky. Jess

Movies About Jesse James
by damomurf in Arts & Entertainment
Jesse James (1847 to 1882) lived a short and violent life, but it was long enough for him to become one of America's legendary folk heroes. As such, Hollywood quickly recognized a market for the Jesse James story. The first James movie was produced in 1921, and at least one has been made about James every decade since then. Early FilmsThe first two movies were "Jesse James Under the Black Flag"

Jesse Tree Activities
by Steve M in Culture & Society
The Jesse tree derives from Isaiah 11:1, which describes how God encouraged a nation that was discouraged. Isaiah promised that another king would come from the line of David -- a "shoot" from the "stump" of Jesse, David's father -- who would reign over the whole Earth. The branch of a Jesse tree serves as a Biblical symbol and demonstrates the grace and faithfulness of God. The Jesse tree shows a

Where Did Jesse James Live?
by FuzzyHornet in Culture & Society
Famous outlaw Jesse James was originally from Missouri, a fact that few people today seem to know. Because of the limitation in transportation options at the time, most of James' life was spent near his home town, although he did venture to bordering states with his gang, mostly to rob banks or to attack passing trains. HistoryJesse James was born in 1847 in Clay County, Missouri, where he live

The History of Jesse Owens
by 02ranger in Culture & Society
Jesse Owens was an American track and field athlete who rose to international fame as the winner of four gold medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics. His feats were especially significant as he competed, as an American of African descent, in a country whose leader and political party espoused a form of white supremacy. Early YearsOwens as member of East Technical High School's track and field teamB

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