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How to Install a Modular Phone Jack to Replace a Wall Jack
by davidg in Home & Garden
Replacing a wall jack with a new modular telephone jack is a simple task. You don't need to be an expert electrical engineer, as it's simply a matter of loosening some screws and putting them back again. Get familiar with the process before installing a modular phone jack to replace your wall jack.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Wire cutters with stripping t

How do I Carve Jack the Pumpkin King Into a Jack-O-Lantern?
by Edwin Goei in Holidays & Celebrations
Pumpkin carving has been around for centuries and began in Ireland. The story is told many different ways depending who you ask, but the main theme is a man named Jack and a lantern he made from a hollowed out turnip. Over the years these lanterns, made of hollowed out beets, gourds, turnips and pumpkins became known as Jack O' Lanterns and were created to ward off evil spirits. Today we carve pu

How to Lower a Car With a Jack and Remove Jack Stands
by Marcos de Carvalho in Cars
Once you've finished work on your car, it's time to lower it safely to the ground. It's a fairly easy process to lower a car with a jack and remove the jack stands, but it's important to follow the right steps in order.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Blocks of wood or bricks
Jack stands

When the car is raised up in the back by two jack

How to Turn an Output Jack Into an Input Jack
by Neuromaster in Electronics
The way to turn an output jack into an input jack is with an adapter, according to sound engineers Don Davis and Eugene Patronis. A female-to-female adapter is an adapter with two input sockets. It is designed both to accept a male output jack and offer a suitable female input socket for further connection. You can connect any combination of suitable jacks with the correct adapters.Difficulty:Easy

How to Upgrade a Telephone Jack to a Network Jack
by diablo805 in Computers
A typical telephone jack has two to four connecting pins while a network jack has eight. Telephone jacks connect to two or three pairs of twisted conductor wires, but network wires connect to four pairs of twisted conductor wires. Telephone lines terminate with RJ-11or RJ-14 jacks, while network lines terminate with RJ-45 network jacks. A telephone jack can be upgraded to a network jack by replaci

How to Convert Your Floor Jack Into a Transmission Jack
by the vk in Cars
One of the hardest obstacles to overcome when dropping a transmission is working with its weight. A floor jack provides considerable flexibility by holding the transmission in place while you're working, carefully lowering it to the ground and re-positioning it for re-installation. Typical floor jacks need to be adapted for this task with a transmission jack adapter or will have instability issues

How to Convert a Phone Jack to an Ethernet Jack
by n3. in Home & Garden
A DSL modem enables a computer to connect to the Internet. A telephone line must be plugged into the DSL modem in order to send and receive online signals. To convert a phone jack into an Ethernet jack that can be connected to a computer, install a DSL modem using the telephone jack in your home. A few supplies from an electronics shop are needed.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things Yo

How to Convert a Bottle Jack Into a Forklift Jack
by RomanMtz in Education
Converting a bottle jack to a forklift jack can be done on a small scale for a classroom demonstration. This demonstration incorporates the science concepts of hydraulics and leverage. The use of Pascal’s formula along with vector forces are also demonstrated.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
All-direction bottle jack
Welder and rods
Welding goggl

How to Hook Up an RCA Jack to a Headphone Jack
by Dennis in Arts & Entertainment
Connect the headphone output jack on your electronic audio devices to the RCA inputs on other electronics with a 1/8 inch-to-RCA adapter cable. Many electronic devices, such as MP3 players, computers and portable CD players, come equipped with a 1/8 inch headphone out jack, whereas many stereo receivers utilize RCA inputs and outputs. The 1/8 inch-to-RCA adapter cable transmits stereo signals from

How to Use a Floor Jack to Jack a Truck
by Thyrius in Cars
Trucks are built to ride higher than cars because of their ability to carry heavy loads. Due to the distance between the ground and the base of the truck frame and the weight of your vehicle, it is necessary to use a large jack that is firmly placed on a strong, firm base. A floor jack set on a concrete block is perfect for this job, giving you a sturdy base supporting a tool that can hold the tru
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