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Jacksonville Art Schools
by Trevor Dickson in Education
Jacksonville, Florida, is surrounded by the ocean and miles of beautiful beaches and scenery, an inspiration to those considering studies in the arts. The city has a thriving arts community. Galleries and museums abound in downtown Jacksonville, and students who choose to study the arts in the city have a number of options to choose from. College of Fine Arts, Jacksonville UniversityJacksonvill

How to Be a Curator in Jacksonville, FL
by Chaos in Personal Finance
Curators work for museums, governments, zoos, corporations, colleges and universities, preserving important artifacts and relics. They maintain collections, oversee the exhibition of collections and work with technicians and conservators. If you want to be a curator in Jacksonville, Florida, there are plenty of employers to choose from, including the Museum of Modern Art, The Cummer and Karpeles M

RV Parks near Jacksonville, N.C.
by dawp in Travel
Jacksonville, North Carolina, is home to Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base. It is also near the coast. Visitors to this city can enjoy the serenity of the local countryside while remaining close to shopping and fine dining. Staying in an RV park near Jacksonville is an ideal way to unwind and relax with family and friends after a day of sightseeing or shopping. Cabin CreekCabin Creek Campground ha

Movie Theaters in Jacksonville, FL
by Vlad Sirenko in Arts & Entertainment
There are a number of movie theaters in Jacksonville, Florida. While some focus on showing all of the latest blockbuster releases, others place more emphasis on smaller, independent productions. Some offer IMAX and 3D presentations, while others offer competitive rates on alternative viewing times. Whatever your interests, Jacksonville is bound to have a movie theater that catches your eye. Cin

Romantic Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL
by Hosein Mohtasham in Travel
In the northeastern part of Florida, the historic city of Jacksonville is perched along the banks of the St. John's River. Originally inhabited by Timucuan Indians, the French Huguenots established Fort Caroline there in 1562, ushering in further European settlement that included the British and Spanish. Today, Jacksonville is a vibrant city that has a port of call and a national football team. Th

How do I Get an EPA Certification in Jacksonville, Florida?
by jrok96 in Business
The Environmental Protection Agency is an arm of the federal government charged with protecting human health and the environment. The EPA does this through regulation, education, research and strategic partnering. It offers several certifications, but one that is commonly required is EPA Section 608 Technician Certification. In Section 608 of the Clean Air Act, the EPA sets regulations designed to

How to Donate a Car in Jacksonville, Florida
by Andrew in Personal Finance
Donating a car to charity is one option to consider when you have a vehicle that is old or unused. Charities that accept car donations sell the cars at auction and use the proceeds to support the organization's mission. Even old cars that no longer run can be profitable, as they can be broken down and sold for their parts.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Select a charity in Jacksonville,

Gay Bars in Jacksonville, Florida
by Red Storm in Parties & Entertaining
Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida, with a population of over 1.3 million people. It offers a variety of nightlife options for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. According to Gay Cities, "The Advocate" has identified Jacksonville as one of the "top five emerging cities for gays and lesbians." MetroMetro has provided Jacksonville's LGBT community with drinks, p

The Best CD Rates in Jacksonville, Florida
by Imaginer in Personal Finance
With an improving economy, but a still confusing stock market, investors are looking for the best value for their investment dollar. A CD or Certificate of Deposit is one way to invest a hard earned dollar. Different financial institutions offer varying CD rates. Jacksonville, Florida, has different CD rates, depending on the bank or credit union. Rates also vary depending on the length of the CD.

Motels in Jacksonville, Oregon
by AndyD2k in Travel
Jacksonville, Oregon is a lively vacation town and its historic downtown is a National Historic Monument. With quaint, brick buildings and wooden facades preserved from the gold rush era, the downtown looks like the set of a Wild West movie. The town is also a nature lover's paradise, in easy proximity to Mount Ashland, Rogue River Recreational Area and Crater Lake National Park. Jacksonville boas

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