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Prevent server side jade interpreting browser jade template
Category : Programming Languages

I would like to pass jade template to the browser from a jade template in the server.

My problem is that the jade template are interpreted by the server at the moment...

Here is how I declare the template:

td= number
td= sum + '€'
td= description || '
td= moment(date, '

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How to include Javascript objects in a Jade template before Jade compilation
Category : Javascript

I am working with a website built with Jade/Express for a few weeks now. I recently organized the image folder for the website so all the images were disbursed between several folders to make it easier to use and sort through.

To make it easier to make changes to the hierarchy of images (and other such files) I wrote a script that contains some globals for file paths. Now I have bee

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Node.js: Consolidate.js + Jade is not rendering Jade correctly
Category : Web Design

I'm using Express@3.0.0rc2 + jade@0.2.3 + consolidate@0.5.0. When I render a page, the output is not as expected. Here's the jade:


extends ../../layouts/default
block headIncludes
block footerIncludes

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Can I (how do I) use Jade shorthand when passing parameters into a Jade file?
Category : Web Design

I'm playing around with Nodejs, and am wondering if I can use jade style shorthand (ie


as part of an argument passed into a jade file.

Say, for example, that I want to write something along the lines of (from the Ninja Store example):

var name = req.query.name;
var contents = {

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Node+Express+Jade: Only layout.jade is rendering
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a route defined as

server.get('/', function (req, res) {
res.render('index.jade', {
locals: {
title: 'Your Page Title',
description: 'Your Page Description',
author: 'Your Name'

And index.jade is def

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How Can I Tell if Something Is Jade?
Category : Hobbies, Games & Toys
Though most people think of jade as being green, it can be found in many other colors, including nearly black or bluish white. Jade can be made either of the mineral nephrite, which is a soft rock and prized in China, or the mineral jadeite, which is hard and more rare. The quality of jade is determined by its color, tone, translucency and texture, and the skill with which it's been cut. If you're

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How can I do this in Jade?
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to translate this in my jade template but can't. Any help?

<span class="riciclame_piccolo">
<span class="rosa">
<span class="footer_p">
&nbsp&nbsp è un'idea di <a href="http://www.ottoquattro.com" target="_blank">OttoQuattro Web & Video Age

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How to Use the Jade Egg
Category : Health
Jade is revered by Taoists for its healing properties. These properties lie in the jade's balance of yin and yang energies and its ability to regulate the body's Qi, or vital life force energy. In the Taoist meditation practice of Qi Gong, much of the body's vital energy comes from the sexual organs. Mastery of this energy gives women prolonged orgasms and longevity. Jade eggs were a tool used to

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How to Put on a Jade Bangle
Category : Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Jade has been around for thousands of years as a prominent material for jewelry. If you are lucky enough to own jade jewelry, it needs to be worn and taken care of very carefully. Jade bangles should be cleaned regularly, and put on carefully to avoid chipping.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Jade cleaner
Soft cloths
Jade protectant

Pour the

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How to Plant Jade
Category : Home & Garden
The Jade plant (Crassula ovate) is a perennial shrub native to Hawaii. While they only grow natively throughout the Hawaiian islands, they are superior potted indoor house plants due to their extreme tolerance of poor and dry soil and thick branches that can serve as water reserves during times of drought. With the proper potting techniques and care, you can grow a jade plant that can survive deca

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