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Japanese MacBook Stop Switching to Japanese Language
by yarry in Development Tools & Services

I own a Japanese version MacBook Pro, that of course has the Japanese keyboard with the particular keys (around the space bar) that are used to switch between the various forms of Japanese (and English) language input. This is running OSX Lion FYI.

My problem is that the machine sometimes seems to switch into Japanese input mode even when no one has touched the input mode switching

Do Japanese Knotweed Plants Attract Japanese Beetles?
by Andrew L. in Home & Garden
The invasive weed, Japanese knotweed, does not attract the Japanese beetle to its foliage. Nevertheless, knotweed plays an important role in ridding ornamental plants and lawns of the destructive beetle. About the BeetlesJapanese beetles cause serious damage to garden plants. Once the beetle lays its eggs in the lawn, the larvae feed on the grass roots, often causing damage to the lawn. Meanwhi

Japanese Water Gardens in Japanese Culture
by amosk in Home & Garden
Japanese water gardens demonstrate a fair portion of Japanese culture and ideas. These gardens represent ideals of serenity and balance, among other principles prevalent within Japan. This task is accomplished by the careful use of several elements. WaterMany water gardens use koi ponds as their water source.koi pond image by MPH from Fotolia.comEvery Japanese water garden needs a water source,

Difference Between Organic Sencha Japanese Green Tea & Matcha Japanese Green Tea
by jbulow in Food & Drink
Green tea is a delicious beverage with many known health benefits. It is purported to help fight cancer and heart disease, lower cholesterol, aid in weight loss and help prevent dementia, diabetes and stroke. This traditional Japanese drink comes in many varieties, including organic sencha and matcha. Sencha is known as the everyday tea of Japan, while matcha has been used in traditional Japane

How to Transplant a Japanese Red Maple and Japanese Red Maple Tree Care
by Luxembourg in Home & Garden
The Japanese red maple is a vibrantly colored deciduous tree that requires little maintenance once established. The tree can reach up to 25 feet high, so homeowners may need to transplant the tree if it interferes with other structures. The best time to move the red maple is in the winter, once the tree has reached dormancy. This lessens the stress and shock experienced by the tree.Difficulty:Easy

Japanese Tax Law
by WasntEnough in Personal Finance
The National Tax Agency oversees the collection of taxes in Japan. Approximately 52 percent of the national revenue for the 2009 fiscal year was comprised of taxes and stamp revenue, and income, corporation, and consumption taxes covers about 80 percent of national tax revenues. Although Japanese citizens are subject to a variety of separate taxes, generally speaking, the Japanese taxing scheme is
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How to Use a Japanese Tea Set
by XLNC in Culture & Society
Japanese tea ceremony, or the way of tea, is an ancient tradition. Japanese tea sets are used in these ceremonies, which place greater emphasis on the preparation and presentation of green tea, or matcha, than its actual consumption. In Japanese, the performance of the tea ceremony is called otemae. A Japanese tea set is called chadogu, and the person using the set is called a teishu. This 9th cen
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How to Tie a Japanese Bow
by Aaviel in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Japanese bow knot is a purely decorative knot tied with a single length of cord or ribbon. When tied properly, this knot produces two equally-sized bows on either side of a square. In contrast to more standard methods of tying bows, this knot lies flat and the bows do not droop. You can use the Japanese bow knot in a variety of craft projects, from scrapbooking to sewing.Difficulty:Moderately
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About Japanese Art
by malbojah in Arts & Entertainment
When many people think about Japanese art, the first name that comes to mind is Hiroshige, a 19th-century artist of landscape prints. His romantic depictions represent only a fraction of Japanese art. From ancient folk art to contemporary anime cartoons, traditional brush paintings to woodblock prints, Japanese art covers centuries of history and creative work. Some of Japan's most famous art form
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How to Tie a Japanese Obi
by imported_bman in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The Japanese obi is a beautiful embroidered sash that women wear over their kimonos. An obi can be elegant and expensive for formal affairs or simple yet fashionable for everyday use. What you see is more than meets the eye with an obi. Adding an obi-age or jime can tell you if the woman is single, married, young or older. With so many patterns and fabrics and additions to the obi, the end result
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