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How to Visit Jerome, Arizona
by dreshyne2g in Travel
Jerome, Arizona boasts two things: America’s most vertical city and the largest ghost town in America. Located between Flagstaff and Prescott, Jerome is a great place to visit while on vacation and it’s easy to get there! Imagine taking your next vacation in a place that can actually say they’re the largest ghost town. Even if everyone in your group isn’t interested

Hotels in Jerome, Arizona
by JulianCT in Travel
Historic Jerome, Arizona is known as America's Most Vertical City and the Largest Ghost Town in America. The town was once a thriving mining community, but is now home to only 450 people. However, it has retained its old West charm, and was named a National Historic District in 1967. The town is only 90 miles from Phoenix and 20 miles from the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. While you are in town,

How Do I Know If I Have a Jerome Tiger Painting?
by Europe in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Painter Jerome Richard Tiger (1941-1967) created art for only the last five years of his life. In that short time, he received critical accolades and changed the face of American Indian art. Tiger is referred to as the Goya or Rembrandt of Indian art because of his ability to draw an object after merely glancing at it. His work is highly collectible and is displayed in museums and private collecti

About Jerome Alexander Mineral Make-Up
by CurrentlyPissed in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Every woman has her special beauty. The Jerome Alexander Mineral makeup shows this beauty and focuses on it. It is fragrance free, natural and hypoallergenic. Its purpose is to reflect the beauty of you and enhances your charm. It contains powder, eyeshadow and blush bronzer 2-in-1, trial-size primer, lipstick, mascara, foundation, study brush and eyeshadow brush. Jerome Alexander Crème to

How to Find a Friend in Jerome, Idaho
by vik in Internet
One regret many individuals have is losing contact with friends. Reconnecting with old friends is possible thanks to the social networking website Facebook. Facebook is the most visited Internet website as of December 2010, and there is a good chance the friend you are looking for in Jerome, Idaho, has made a Facebook page. It is possible to find a friend through many different parameters, such as

How to Use Jerome Russell Hair Bleach
by naemi in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Bleaching your hair without the assistance of a professional stylist is a risky endeavor. A bleach kit, such as one offered by Jerome Russell, can make the process significantly easier. Detailed instructions and pre-measured ingredients give even the novice the tools needed to lighten hair at home. The bleach will remove pigment from your locks, taking it to its lightest shade. You can leave your

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