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Jenkins Sonar fails on Periodic Jobs but works on manually started jobs
by sgmichelsen in Programming Languages

Im using Sonar with Sonar Runner and Jenkins.
Strange thing is that when i start the job manually everything works fine but on the periodic nightly builds it fails and says:

org.sonar.runner.RunnerException: No files matching pattern "java" in directory

So i understand that Sonar Runner cant find my source files. But why is that so? I mean when i start it manually S

Jobs with Resque gives “Don't know how to build task 'jobs:work'” on Heroku
by yarry in Programming Languages

I followed the tutorial at https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/queuing-ruby-resque to queue and run background jobs in a Rails app. After queueing the jobs, it doesn't seem to run any of the jobs since in the console I can see the job has not been processed

=> {:pending=>1, :processed=>0, :queues=>1, :workers=>0, :working=>0, :failed=>0

How do scripts such as vBulletin launch regular maintenance jobs without using cron jobs?
by fukas78 in Programming Languages

How do scripts such as vBulletin launch regular maintenance jobs without cron jobs? For example, vBulletin does not update thread view counts in real-time, and only does so hourly according to their documentation. However, they don't use cron jobs to do that, so how do they do it?

I ask because I would like to do something similar on one of my sites, but don't know how they do thi

directory structure for queued jobs (cron jobs) in zend framework
by Neil Redfern in Programming Languages

I found quite a few posts related to directory structure and cron jobs in Zend Framework, and yet no clear answer :(

I have the following code to create a job that sends an email. Works perfectly as long as the script (emailNotification.php) is under /jobs in the public directory.

public function emailAction() {
$request = $this->getRequest();

Quartz.NET: use one windows service to execute jobs and two web applications to schedule jobs
by Kneedragger in Programming Languages

I have one sql server database as the job store, two web applications that both can schedule jobs, and a Quartz.NET windows service to execute jobs.

I want the two web applications to just schedule jobs, while the windows service just to execute jobs.

Here comes the problem:

If I create IScheduler instances in the two web applications and in the windows servi

Auto discover the gridnode and share some jobs to the new grid which started at the middile of the jobs execution
by Ryan in Web Design

Initially i started three grid nodes and i am having over 200 jobs in my java program. I have shared all the jobs to the grid nodes. Once if i run the application one more node will be introduced through eclipse and it is also participating in the execution of jobs. This means one node is executing 50 jobs in parallel.
When all the nodes are executing their jobs i have starte

cron jobs: Monitor time it takes for jobs to finish
by ioudas in Operating Systems

I'm doing a research project that requires I monitor cron jobs on a Ubuntu Linux system. I have collected data about the jobs' tasks and when they are started, I just don't know of a way to monitor how long they take to finish running.

I could calculate the time of finishing the task minus starting it with something like this but that would require doing that on the Shell scripts

How to run multiple jobs with spring quartz and the jobs are feched from database
by gamefreakgcb in Programming Languages

How to run multiple jobs with spring quartz and the jobs are feched from database.

Please provide any example code.

What Army Jobs Translate into High Paying Civilian Jobs?
by Radeon962 in Careers & Job Searching
Joining the Army is not a decision that should be made in haste. Much thought should be given to the amount of time you want to serve and the field you want to train in. Some military occupational specialties (MOS) are military specific and have no civilian equivalent, while some will teach you skills that can be lucrative in the civilian market. Satellite Communications Systems Operator-Maint

How to find the number of Jobs in SQL Server Agent Jobs?
by Aaviel in Databases

Do we have a way to find the number of jobs currently in SQL Server Agent and there names. I can count manually but i am looking for a script to give me the number and names.

Thank you

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