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Do-It-Yourself 4th of July Decorations
by goffi in Holidays & Celebrations
The fourth of July is considered a Patriotic holiday, which lends itself to decorations of red, white and blue. There are many options, from childhood crafts to ones that are better suited to adults depending on difficulty levels. A crafter may have many useful items on hand already, but items may also be purchased at a local crafts store at reasonable prices. Take stock of what you need and have,

Why Are Fireworks Associated With the 4th of July?
by Gilmar Souza Jr. in Culture & Society
Fireworks and the Fourth of July are as American as apple pie, picnics and parades. However, the origin of fireworks stretches much further back than July 4, 1776. Fireworks have long been used in many cultures to celebrate, so their use in Independence Day celebrations was natural for American colonists accustomed to English celebrations highlighted and heightened by fireworks displays. Firewo

What Does Black Day in July Mean?
by MJRider in Arts & Entertainment
A "Black Day in July" is a dark phrase with an unsettling beginning. This cryptic title was birthed from one of the darker hours in our nation's history. OriginThe term "Black Day in July" is actually the title of a Gordon Lightfoot song, included on the 1968 album "Did She Mention My Name." The song is about the 1967 Detroit riot that became one of the most destructive and deadliest riots in

The Best July 4th Fireworks
by Juice in Holidays & Celebrations
Sine 1777, a year after the Declaration of Independence was signed, fireworks have been lit to commemorate patriotism on July 4th. Most of the best locations to watch fireworks on this national holiday are in cities where the nation got its start. Blooms of exploding light, rockets and pinwheels are launched over bodies of water with monuments of the nation illuminated in the background, creating

4th of July Math Games
by cpacini in Education
Fourth of July activities are often celebrated in preschools, but they are a fresh idea for end-of-the-year projects in public schools. Students are looking forward to the summer, and chances are, they aren't paying attention. They've worked hard all year. Giving them projects to help them look forward to the upcoming summer months is fun for both the teacher and the student. Making a FlagFor y
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San Diego Hotels for the 4th of July
by Mattias Reichel in Travel
San Diego, California, is a perfect place to visit for a Fourth of July celebration. Many areas of the city have fireworks, parades and other Independence Day events. San Diego has many other attractions vacationers love as well, including the San Diego Zoo, Sea World San Diego, the Mission Beach boardwalk, Old Town San Diego and Balboa Park. The best San Diego hotels to stay in on July Fourth are
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How to Celebrate Christmas in July
by Drift King in Holidays & Celebrations
Christmas is a favorite time of year, so why wait 12 months to enjoy the spirit of gift giving, the warm feeling of Christmas colors and decor and the delicious food? There are many people who celebrate Christmas in July! Enjoy the true spirit of Christmas without the commercialism! You can celebrate all month long or just for a day or two. Celebrating Christmas twice a year is especially appe

Can Peas Be Planted in July?
by Knoxy in Home & Garden
Peas are a cool-season crop that prefer mild weather and dwindle when temperatures climb above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Most gardeners plant them in early spring as soon as the soil is soft enough to work. To extend the season, though, plant them in July for a fall crop. The plants germinate quickly in warm soil, but may need more care than spring crops. Planting TimeContact a county extension ag
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Preschool Art Ideas for July 4th
by JSebok in Education
July 4th is celebrated in America with festive clothing, seasonal foods and, of course, fireworks. From picnics to parades to parties, every celebration needs patriotic decorations. Get your preschoolers in on the fun by having them create fun items to use or play with during the celebration. Safe PoppersHave each child use crayons or markers to decorate plain paper sandwich bags to look like f

Ideas for a July 4th Wedding
by Ernest Hill in Weddings
The Fourth of July can be perfect time to throw a wedding. Many of your guests have a long weekend off work, the weather's nice, and everyone is in a good mood. However, a Fourth of July wedding doesn't have to be dripping with patriotism. Use touches of red, white and blue and aim for an Americana feel. Bridal PartyNo one needs to carry American flags down the aisle in order for your bridal pa
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