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What Type of Kennel Is Considered a Class C Kennel in Pennsylvania?
by David Marchant in Pets
Class C commercial kennels house or sell more than 26 dogs a year. Kennels in this class often breed, sell or transfer dogs to a pet store, or sell 60 dogs a year to individual owners. Any breeder in Pennsylvania that does not fit into this category is a casual or "backyard" breeder, and unregulated by commercial kennel laws. Kennel RestrictionsClass C commercial kennels in Pennsylvania are pro

How to Control & Prevent Kennel Cough in a Kennel
by rjbsmith in Pets
Kennel cough is one of the most contagious and prevalent diseases among dogs. Kennel cough is usually caused by the bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica or the virus canine parainfluenza. Kennel cough is an upper respiratory infection that causes dogs to have a dry, honking cough and sometimes a runny nose. It is usually spread more rapidly in places where dogs are in close confinement such as kenne

How to Keep a Dog Kennel From Being a Mud Pit
by Dariosky in Pets
Keeping your dog's kennel free of mud provides your pet with a clean and safe place to sleep and play. Some kennels are large areas enclosed with a chain link-style fence and others are small plastic carriers that are designed to be used in the house. Either type should be cleaned regularly to keep your dog from having to lie in his own waste, which can make him sick. The materials needed to clean

How to Keep a Cat in a Kennel During the Day
by Geoff The in Pets
If you come across circumstances where you need to keep your cat in a kennel during the day---perhaps you have workers in the house or you are a guest in someone else's house or you are traveling---there are ways to make the kennel into a comfortable and enjoyable place for your pet.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Purchase a cat kennel that is large enough for your cat to move around and
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How Big Should a Dog Kennel Be?
by AJ. in Pets
Buying a dog kennel or wire crate is a something most puppy owners do right away. The right-size kennel can help ensure your dog is comfortable, whether he's traveling, sleeping or being trained. SizeThe size of your dog is obviously the single biggest factor to weigh when picking your canine friend's new home. Most veterinarians and breeders recommend the kennel to be at least big enough for t
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How to Run a Dog Kennel
by nobodyzzz in Pets
Running a dog kennel is a rewarding job, but it involves many responsibilities. Caring for other people's dogs is not far from caring from their children. Dog owners want to feel comfortable that the kennel of their choice has qualified, caring staff, and clean and safe facilities. If you are a dog lover and would like to run a dog kennel, read on to learn about how to create a successful doggi
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Do It Yourself Dog Kennel
by kema in Pets
Making a kennel yourself allows you to customize the space just for your dog. Take into consideration the weather extremes in your area as well as the space requirement of your animal. Many different materials can be used to fit any design ideas.
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How to Tell When a Dog Has Really Bad Kennel Cough
by raven84 in Pets
Kennel cough in dogs takes its name from the fact that the ailment can rapidly pass from one dog to another in a kennel setting. Kennel cough is a common sickness in boarding kennels and in greyhound racing kennels, where the dogs are in close proximity and the airborne bacterial and viral agents that precipitate the cough spread easily. Normally kennel cough is not a serious problem, but there ar

How to Decorate Your Kennel
by Rob B in Pets
Whether you are taking your dog or cat on an airplane or want to make your kennel look nicer in your home, decorating it can help. Decorating your kennel to take your pet on an airplane helps avoid airline personnel from forgetting to load your pet. If you keep your pet's kennel in the living area of your home, you may also want to make it fit into your decor so it isn't as noticeable. Kennel C

How to Keep a Dog From Barking in a Kennel
by Martin Koch in Pets
Dogs bark for different reasons, but when a kenneled dog barks ceaselessly, anyone within earshot is likely to become annoyed. The longer the dog is allowed to bark, the more difficult it is to retrain him to be silent. Pinpointing the cause of the dog's barking allows the owner to form a strategic training plan that may include verbal warnings, behavior modification and/or the use of a no-bark co

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