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how do programs communicate - micro kernel monolithic kernel exo kernel
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how do programs communicate with the micro kernel/monolithic kernel/exo kernel?

I have read many books that show as in the picture, that monolithic kernels communicates with the program through the system call table/filesystem layer.

But how do micro kernels and exo kernel communicate with the program?

does the base of the micro kernel talk dire

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R: SVM performance using custom kernel (user defined kernel) is not working in kernlab
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to use user defined kernel. I know that kernlab offer user defined kernel(custom kernel functions) in R. I used data spam including package kernlab.
(number of variables=57 number of examples =4061)

I'm defined kernel's form,


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How to safely backport specific linux kernel commits to an older kernel using git
Category : Operating Systems

I'm currently on a stable 2.6.32 kernel. But I need certain fixes on 2.6.33 branch to be incorporated into this 2.6.32 kernel so that I can create a custom kernel for testing purposes. I can't apply the said fixes directly to the 2.6.32 source because they seem to have dependencies on other fixes.

Is there any safe way to incorporate only the fixes (and all their dependencies) I nee

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How to determine whether a linux kernel is 32bit or 64bit from a running kernel module
Category : Programming Languages

Here is the deal. I want to write a kernel module which depends on the kernel type (32 or 64 bit).
There are some lines of code which I want to be included in the module if and only if the kernel is 32 bit and some lines of code which should be included iff kernel is 64 bit.

Is there anything like #if LINUX_VERSION_CODE < KERNEL_VERSION(2,6,26) for this case ?

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Linux Kernel - Where in the kernel are blocks of data physically written to specific disk partitions?
Category : Operating Systems

I'm modifying the Linux kernel and am trying to find where in the kernel source blocks of data are physically written to disk partitions such as ubd0. Where does this occur in kernel source? The actual physical write call? I cannot find this. Thanks!

Edit: The end goal is a list of block numbers that have been written to a few different partitions. As data is physically written to t

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Is there a module in Linux Kernel for copying data directly between two character devices in kernel space?
Category : Operating Systems

We need to multiplex data from one (USB) serial device to multiple independent serial devices.
What I've found, is the module fanout, this addresses the multiplexing part of my problem.

Now I search for an easy, probably ready to use, way to copy the data from the serial USB device to the fanout device directly in the kernel space.
Sure, I'am able to simply cat x > y<

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Linux Kernel programming: trying to get vm_area_struct->vm_start crashes kernel
Category : Coding

this is for an assignment at school, where I need to determine the size of the processes on the system using a system call. My code is as follows:

struct task_struct *p;
struct vm_area_struct *v;
struct mm_struct *m;
for_each_process(p) {
", p->pid);
m = p->mm;
v = m->

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How to automate linux kernel module compilation when installing a new kernel?
Category : Operating Systems

I am writing a Linux kernel module. It is released with all the source files (although the license is proprietary) to be compiled against the running kernel. When installing my module (distributed as a .deb package) it is compiled and installed automatically. This works.

The issue is that during the regular upgrade process of the whole Linux systems, newer version of th

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Linux/Kernel: How to select Videobuf2 framework as kernel module?
Category : Operating Systems

I'd like to select videobuf2 modules as kernel modules. I do "make menuconfig" but I don't find anything.

I'd like to have .ko files in order to load them because I'm programming a driver based on VIVI which uses them.

I guess, I'll have to recompile the kernel entirely, but is it possible just to recompile/rebuild the modules part?

I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 wit

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GPL license poisoning and kernel headers (Linux Kernel List)
Category : Operating Systems

I wrote my library using Linux Kernel Lists.
I've used list.h header file from Linux sources.

Does it poison my library with GPL, or still can I publish it on BSD (2-clause)?

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