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How to play Bible Wheel of Fortune with Kids in Sunday School or Kids Church
by knockout-2.0 in Culture & Society
Good children's ministers and Sunday school teachers are constantly creating or looking for fun new game ideas to use in children's church. Bible Wheel of Fortune is a Bible game intended for a group of twenty or fewer. Use this game as an exciting way to emphasize main points of the children's lesson.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
One deck of cards
Chalkboard o

How to Teach Kids the Consequences of Fighting With Younger Kids
by znotdead in Parenting
Fighting in the home causes pain, sadness and a loss of family unity. Older children often become bossy and gain a sense of power when they impose their will upon their younger siblings or friends. Older children must not be allowed to bully young children or the young ones will become bullies, too. Teach your child how to empathize with others, and create rules and consequences to stop the fighti

The Differences Between the Test Scores of Kids Who Eat Healthily & Kids Who Don't
by Rhoxed in Health
It is only fairly recently that researchers have set out to prove the old cliche "garbage in, garbage out" -- measuring a link between unhealthy food and poor academic performance. With federal and local governments placing a high importance on test scores as a measure of a school's success, the role of proper nutrition for children has never been more visible. Jamie Oliver StudyOne of the larg

Kids in Child Care Vs. Home Reared Kids
by PeterYunZhang in Education
After the birth of their child, new parents must decide whether to place the child in a child care facility or have one parent stay at home with the child during his formative years. Some parents feel that raising their child at home will provide the love and guidance that child care cannot. Others believe that the child's social and cognitive development will flourish if he attends a child care f

How to Write a Newspaper For Kids, By Kids
by XLNC in Business
Writing your own newspaper can be fun and can also make you some spending money! With a little time and effort, you can make a newspaper that other kids love to read.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Microsoft Publisher or a word processing program
Empty glass jars with lids (spaghetti sauce jars work great)
A love for writing


Kids Who Work That Go to College Vs. Kids Who Don't
by Indiana in Education
Nearly half of all full-time undergraduates work during the school year. For many students, whether or not to work during college is not a choice they have the luxury of making. A growing number of undergrads must work to help cover educational expenses. Whether your job improves or detracts from your college experience depends on what you make of it. By the NumbersAs tuition costs steadily cli

Activities for Kids Mentoring Kids
by GarlicBreath in Education
When kids mentor other kids, the relationship can build friendship and trust, and improve social and academic skills. One of the main reasons for matching kids together for mentoring is to improve academics. An older or more advanced student might be asked to mentor and tutor a younger student to help with homework, study skills, research skills or how to use computers. Other reasons include help

How to Construct a Table for Kids by Kids
by Edwin Goei in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Cardboard crafts are a fun project for children of all ages. Cardboard can be turned into furniture and is an ecologically-friendly way for children to spend an afternoon. A leftover computer or television box is large and sturdy enough to create a simple table that children can help construct and decorate themselves with some parental supervision.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll

Difference Between Kids With Art Exposure & Kids Without
by frogger9 in Parenting
Research has proven that children need exposure to art. Without exposure to art, kids miss out on choosing what they like or how to express themselves. Art offers kids choices, and kids grow and develop on many levels from their experiences with art. Without art, kids lack growth in various stages of development. Artis seen as a luxury in education, and the kids who are not receiving exposure to a

How to Keep Kids in Bed
by odunthorne in Parenting
Young children often wake during the night, and when they don't find their parents or their favorite teddy bear, they'll leave the bed to find a safety net. They may also exhibit fears of monsters or the dark during their preschool years. This constant struggle with getting out of bed is draining on parents, and no one is well rested in the morning. In order to get children to stay in their own be
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