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Perl fork and kill - kill(0, $pid) always returns 1, and can't kill the child
by Johan_B in Programming Languages

I am running a perl script on a Linux host. I'm trying to write a script that forks, where the child starts a program that takes forever and the parent times out after 5 seconds, killing the child. Here is what I have:

my $start = time();
my $timeOut = 5;
my $childPid = fork();
if ($childPid) {
# I am the parent, and $childPid is my child

How do I answer y automatically (kill-matching-buffers asks if I should kill a modified buffer)?
by David Bjornn in Development Tools & Services

In Emacs - how do I kill buffers matching regexp?


How do I answer y automatically (kill-matching-buffers asks if I should kill a modified buffer)?

Something like this?

(defun bk-kill-buffers (bfrRgxp)
(kill-matching-buffers bfrRgxp)

Two Main Types of Drugs That Kill or Help the Body Kill Bacteria
by stargazr in Health
The body contains bacteria, but, occasionally, harmful bacteria gets into the system and makes people feel unwell. Sometimes the body can naturally fight off these bad bacteria, but sometimes it cannot. That is where drugs - in particular antibiotics - come in. According to Family Doctor, antibiotics are strong medicines used to treat infections, including life-threatening and contagious diseases

kill -9 + disable messages (standard output) from kill command
by gorcorps in Operating Systems

I wrote the following script which enables timeout of 20 seconds if grep can not find the relevant string in the file.

The script works well, but the output from the script is like this:

./test: line 11: 30039: Killed

how to disable this message from the kill command?

how to tell kill command to ignore if process not exist?

What Can I Use to Kill Queen Anne's Lace That Won't Kill Grass?
by dagar in Home & Garden
Queen Anne's lace is a robust weed that fills ditches and decorates roadsides with pretty, flat clusters of tiny, white flowers from mid- to late summer. Though the plants attract beneficial insects, such as butterflies and bees, many consider them an invasive and unwelcome pest. Fortunately, Queen Anne's lace can be easily removed without harming the lawn or affecting the nearby plants; simply e

What Can I Use to Kill Weeds in My Vegetable Garden That Won't Kill My Plants?
by seigel in Home & Garden
You can use several strategies to control weeds in the garden. A few herbicides are labeled safe for vegetables when used as directed. Other options include barrier methods or organic pre-emergent herbicides. The best strategy is to treat weeds before they emerge or while they are still small. Avoid allowing weeds to go to seed, which will compound the problem. DacthalDacthal (DCPA) is register

Will Kill-Zall Herbicide Kill Trees?
by Vick Aita in Home & Garden
Kill-Zall is an herbicide manufactured by the Hi-Yield Corporation, commonly available in home and garden centers. It contains glyphosate, the same active ingredient as roundup, although concentrations may differ according to the specific formulation purchased.
Glyphosate is a potent chemical for weed control, although it is capable of controlling almost any annual, perennial, herbaceous or

How to Kill Insects That Kill Cantaloupe
by dawza in Home & Garden
One of the most anticipated perks of summer is eating melons, and little matches the refreshing experience of biting into a rich, juicy homegrown cantaloupe on a hot day. Unfortunately, insects such as cucumber beetles and melon aphids, which feed on cantaloupe foliage, can bring plans of summer picnics with fresh melon salads to a sudden halt. Eradicate or deter bugs before they infest and kill a

How to Kill Bugs That Kill Hibiscus
by Mihai Mocanu in Home & Garden
Hibiscus plants get insect problems like any other plant, but most won't cause it to die. A few leaves might fall, or even a lot, but the plant will live. Mealybugs, on the other hand, can kill a hibiscus. They don't kill it directly, but cause a mold to build up from their secretions. The mold eventually will kill the hibiscus if the bugs aren't taken care of as soon as you can.Difficulty:Moderat

PHP Driver: If I KIll a PHP process will it also kill SQL Server Process (query)?
by Timo in PHP

I am using PHP SQL Server driver - is there a way to kill the last query sent by sqlsrv_query function?

If not, if I kill the PHP process will it also kill the query in turn?

I appreciate any help.

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