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Stainless Kitchenware Vs. Non-Stick Kitchenware
by Gianluca Riccardi in Home & Garden
When it comes to choosing between stainless steel and non-stick cookware, there are a variety of things to take into consideration. While some people may feel that one of these options is better than the other, the fact is that each type of cookware has its own set of pros and cons. In the end, the decision to go with stainless steel or non-stick cookware will come down to personal preference.

Types of Kitchenware
by Rob Northen in Home & Garden
"Hardware utensils for use in a kitchen" characterizes kitchenware, according to the Princeton University WordNet Database. Such a broad definition begs for elaboration. Although kitchenware encompasses a broad range of cooking and eating tools, it can be broken down into digestible segments. Every kitchen tool has a purpose, whether it is for storage, cooking or eating. Equipped with an understan

How to Donate Kitchenware
by NextInLine in Home & Garden
Your extra or unneeded kitchenware can help someone in need. Rather than throw out that old fondue pot or bread maker, or shoving a set of steak knives to the back of a cabinet to collect dust, donate them to a charity. Some charities resell the items to raise money while others give the items to people who need them. Some charities offer a tax deduction slip after donation, so you get something b

Information on Kitchenware
by Ernie in Home & Garden
A well-prepared kitchen needs kitchenware. If you plan to eat and prepare meals in your home, it helps to have the most commonly used kitchen items. Stick to the basics and you'll have the equipment to prepare most dishes. TypesKitchenware consists of items that serve different purposes. Flatware and drinking utensils include items such as spoons, forks, coffee mugs, plastic cups and glasses.

Back to Basics Kitchenware
by Charlie98 in Home & Garden
Magazines may have you believing that a necessary requirement for becoming a good cook is to have a myriad of kitchenware so you're prepared for any task. That's not exactly true. While a bagel slicer -- it's a plastic device that holds the bagel upright while you slice it -- may be helpful, it's not critical. The tools needed are in several categories: utensils, knifes, bowls, strainers and measu

Cookware and Kitchenware Gifts
by eroussel in Holidays & Celebrations
Choosing the ideal gift is a tricky task for most people, but cookware and kitchenware are versatile and welcome gifts. Whether for a housewarming party, a bridal shower, a new graduate or as a birthday or thank-you gift, almost everyone benefits from new additions to the kitchen. From a seasoned gourmand to a beginning homeowner, you can find cookware and kitchenware to match every taste and pers

How to Donate Kitchenware in Philadelphia
by digiram in Culture & Society
If you've recently upgraded your appliances or have unused kitchenware that is in good working condition, don't just throw them out. Instead, consider a donation to others in need. Many charity organizations in Philadelphia work to provide amenities to the homeless and needy and welcome these types of items. A few charities will even arrange to pick up your items within a particular radius.Difficu

Early 20th Century Kitchenware
by foghorn67 in Home & Garden
Kitchenware gained popularity and variety during the early 20th century. In previous years kitchen items were largely utilitarian; as the 1900s progressed the industrial revolution increased the availability of kitchenware that was both practical and attractive. The kitchen was the focus of innovation with new technologies and additional storage for all the new kitchenware. GlasswareA variety o

Directions for Hand-Carving Wood Kitchenware
by Iceland in Home & Garden
Wooden kitchen utensils have been used for thousands of years. The methods used for hand carving wooden utensils has advanced from using stone tools. Today very refined hand tools are available.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Fine grained wood
Coping saw
Wood carving knife
Gouge cutting tool
Food-safe finishing oil

Directions Hand Carving Wood Kitchenware

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