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How to Use Chi Kung
by Triumph in Sports & Fitness
Chi Kung or Qigong (pronounced "chee gung") is an ancient Chinese form of moving meditation to promote physical and spiritual well-being. The term Chi Kung derives from the Chinese words "chi" (breath, life-force) and "kung" (cultivation of skill, mastery). The practice of Chi Kung emphasizes focused attention (mindfulness), slow movements, body alignment along a central vertical axis, relaxation
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How to Do a Jab in Kung Fu
by DaveStall in Sports & Fitness
Kung Fu, a Chinese form of martial arts, combines kicks, punches, sweeps, arm and leg locks in a system of self-defense that is known throughout the world for its ability to harness internal energy and focus it to increase power and impact. The jab, originally a boxing move, incorporates smoothly into Kung Fu styling.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Begin in a traditional fighting stance, with o
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How to Do Kung-Fu
by Bulk Beef in Sports & Fitness
Kung fu is a Chinese martial art that is thought to be the root form of all Asian martial arts. Kung fu was originally developed by the monks of the Shaolin Temple. It has since diversified to include a wide variety of different forms and interpretations. However there are many commonalities to the different styles. Gaining a basic working understanding of these basic common techniques will enable
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How to Put On a Kung Fu Sash
by golazo in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The sash worn by kung fu practitioners is a multi purpose item that may signify gender, instructorship, rank as well as support the tan tien (similar to the function of a back brace). Traditionally, a male wears a knot on his belt to the left side of his body, while the knot of a female’s belt is to the right. An instructor would wear the knot in the front. These days, there are variations.
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How to Begin Kung-Fu
by takuya in Sports & Fitness
Kung-fu is a blanket term that refers to hundreds of traditional Chinese martial arts. Some styles have their roots in certain geographic regions of the country, others are inspired by animal styles and others are based on revisions by particular masters and then passed down through a family tradition. The one thing that all styles have in common is the physical demands placed on the body of the b
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Kung-Fu Techniques
by godihatework in Sports & Fitness
Kung Fu is a series of self-defense techniques that the Chinese people developed thousands of years ago. Since Kung-Fu evolved over time, no one person is given credit for starting the practice. Different individuals and their disciples help to cultivate the many different fighting styles of Kung-Fu. Over time many martial arts practitioners formulated many fighting styles and techniques such as t
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Kung Fu Kid's Games
by jch in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Kung-fu is an exciting style of martial arts that is practiced all around the globe. An art that was once reserved for warriors and later, military specialists, kung-fu is a combat style that lends itself well to the virtual world of video gaming. While not all kung-fu games are appropriate for children of all ages, there are a variety of titles available that are appropriate for children –
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Kung Fu San Soo Techniques
by iMelnik in Sports & Fitness
Kung Fu San Soo is a style of martial arts believed to have origins that trace back to the Northern Shaolin Temple. However, unlike most Shaolin-derived martial arts, San Soo technique does not attempt to emulate the movements of animals. San Soo employs Chin Na leverages, rapid strikes, take-downs, throws and kicks that take advantage of the physics of the human body. Many experts consider Kung F
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How to Tie a Kung Fu Sash
by seigel in Hobbies, Games & Toys
One of the most difficult things for any new Kung Fu student to do is learn to tie the sash correctly. It can be embarrassing to go to your first class and request help. Making the effort to do it correctly before hand can help you save a little bit of your pride. How you present yourself can set the tone for how you are perceived by others. In turn, this can effect your overall performance. Learn
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How to Teach Kung Fu
by Elieder in Sports & Fitness
Kung Fu is one of the most popular forms of martial arts. Kung Fu masters, like many others who are proficient in their training and have achieved the highest black belt designations, often say they are never through with training. They teach to share their love of the art.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Teach when you feel you are ready to share what you've learned. There are no
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