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Difference Between Pioneer Kuro & Kuro Elite
by Jim Davis in Electronics
The KURO is a series of flat-panel high-definition televisions (HDTVs) from Japanese-based digital entertainment manufacturer Pioneer Corp. It is divided into two lines: the regular KURO version, and the more advanced KURO Elite version. As of June 2010, the PDP-5020FD and PDP-6020FD comprise the KURO lineup, while the PRO-111FD and PRO-151FD are their Elite counterparts. Size and ResolutionThe

The Pioneer Kuro 141FD vs. the Pioneer Kuro 600M
by Vasiliy in Electronics
When purchasing a flat panel TV, it's important to make sure you are aware of the exact features you are looking for. The Pioneer Kuro series, which includes the 141FD and 600M, has high picture resolution, HDMI outputs and less than 3 inches of depth to make wall-mounting possible. FeaturesThe PRO-141FD and KRP-600M are 60-inch (diagonal) high-definition flat panel monitors. They have energy-s

How to Finance a Pioneer Kuro
by Danny in Personal Finance
A Pioneer Kuro is a large-screen television made by Pioneer Corp. The television is a 50-inch plasma display television. While plasma televisions are not new, this one boasts the latest inputs for High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) as well as connectivity to a personal computer. The television's price varies but is generally expensive enough to warrant financing.Difficulty:Moderately Easy

How to Set Up the Elite Kuro Monitor
by Sivavt in Electronics
The Pioneer Elite Kuro series of monitors is designed to deliver the best possible picture and sound for custom home theater installations. Elite Kuro monitors come with high-resolution screens, built-in room light sensors and an array of input ports. You set the monitors up in a similar fashion to other flat-screen TVs and can be watching high-definition movies and TV in no time.Difficulty:Modera
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What Is Kuro Sumi Gray Wash?
by pulkizine in Arts & Entertainment
Tattoos have been around for more than 5,000 years and are laced throughout history and the world. For many, tattoos represent a personal message, social status, an ornamental decoration or noteworthy symbol and are now found on individuals in every size and color imaginable. However, before color tattoos existed, humans were tattooed in black and gray washed styles. These days, gray wash inks can

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