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Land Acquisition & Fair Market Value Tips for Land Owners
by Matt Brewer in Legal
The term land acquisition generally refers to purchasing land for conservation or to protect it from development. Governments can use eminent domain to acquire land for public purposes, as in Indiana where such processes were stipulated in an 1894 state law. Non-profits are also eligible for grants to acquire land for conservation projects, and for-profit companies, such as the Toll Brothers devel

How to Donate Land to Land Conservationists In Wayne County, Pennsylvania
by xes in Legal
Donating land to conservationists in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, allows you the ability preserve your land for the future without having it modernized or built upon. Wayne County conservation can be done through North Branch Land Trust, Wildlands Conservancy, Natural Lands Trust and Delaware Highlands Conservancy. Each of these programs offers owners the ability to donate their land through conser

How to Designate Land as Farm Land in Texas
by Kishore in Legal
Texas landowners who are concerned about conserving the natural state or purpose of their land and protecting it from future development can do so using a conservation easement. According to the Texas Land Conservancy "A conservation easement is a legal agreement conveyed by a landowner that restricts certain future uses of a piece of property." They are usually permanent, and prohibit major chang

How Far Can Marine Radios Transmit Land to Land?
by JGKelly in Electronics
Communicating by radio on land was a craze in the 1970's. Both private passenger cars and professional truckers used the inexpensive, limited-range Citizens Band transmissions to avoid speeding tickets and to pass the time while logging highway miles. Today no license is required to operate a CB radio, but the device has practically disappeared from passenger vehicles. VHF marine radios are more p

Commercial Land Vs. Industrial Land
by miceno in Legal
The difference between commercial and industrial land is mainly one of use. Commercial areas are used for trading goods and services while industrial areas serve as sites of production. Commercial areas are most valuable when they receive heavy traffic from potential customers. Industrial areas, by contrast, benefit from easy and quick access to transportation. Commercial LandCommercial land is

How to Designate Land As Farm Land
by Dandor in Business
The Farmland Protection Policy Act, passed by Congress in 1981, enacted a federal policy of recognizing the importance of protecting farmland and preventing its irreversible conversion for other purposes such as urban or industrial use. In order to designate land as farmland, a property owner must file paperwork for a conservation easement. This process establishes the status of the parcel for a p

Grants for Poor US Citizens to Purchase Land to Farm or Ranch Land to Farm
by markku in Business
Grants are available to purchase farm and ranch land in the United States. In many cases, funds may be used for a variety of reasons including the construction, repair, or renovation of housing for use by farm workers. Grant making organizations may require that recipients match a certain percentage of the funding amount. Farm and Ranch Lands Protection ProgramSponsored by the Department of Agr

How to Buy TVA Land
by takuya in Business
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) owns approximately 293,000 aces (as of 2010). Under the land use policy adopted in 2006, it is no longer possible to buy TVA land for residential use. However, TVA land may be purchased for industrial uses. HistoryThe TVA was created during the Depression in 1933 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Congress as a New Deal program designed to address extrem
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How to Buy a Lot of Land
by Matthieu Bozec in Personal Finance
Buying a lot and building a home is part of the American dream. Opportunities exist to buy land in large cities and small towns, as well as in rural locations. Intended UseProperties come in many shapes and sizes. Some are hilly with lots of trees. Others are wide open and flat. Avoid looking at land that does not meet your criteria. This will make it easier to remember vital information about
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How to Land the Job You Want
by John G in Careers & Job Searching
Finding a job you enjoy isn't always easy. According to Career Builder, the average person will hold 11 full-time jobs and five different careers during his life. Choosing a career that is a good fit for your talents and searching for the right company can help. It's also important to tailor application materials to each job opening to ensure the hiring manager understands your skills.Difficulty:M
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