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Italian Restaurants in St. Laurent, Montreal
by Jon Riegel in Travel
There is a wide selection of outdoor activities available to participate in at St. Laurent, in the city of Montréal, Canada. North of Montréal, you can hike, bike, cross-country ski, cycle and go rafting. With so much activity available, it is impossible to be bored. The city also offers unique dining experiences, including many fine Italian restaurants. Galianos RestaurantGalianos Re

How to Identify Authentic Yves Saint Laurent Handbags
by George in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Designer handbags are great accessories. In addition to being useful, a handbag makes an outfit more sophisticated. Because Yves Saint Laurent makes some of the most beautiful and most expensive handbags, some unscrupulous people make replicas and pass them off as authentic. When you're buying an Yves Saint Laurent handbag, make sure that you know that it's the real thing.Difficulty:EasyInstructio

Care Instructions for the Yves Saint Laurent Roady Hobo
by orson in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The Yves Saint Laurent Roady Hobo handbag is featured in a variety of colors, including camel, white and brown. The bag is made of textured leather and retails for more than $1,400 as of 2011. Women who spend large amounts of money on quality designer handbags want their bags to look fresh, new and clean at all times; this is why YSL offers a care guide for all handbags. Caring for a Roady Hobo de

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