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How do I remove leading whitespace from a Ruby Heredoc, while maintaing 2 leading spaces
by Erik Ordway in Programming Languages

This question is partly answered in How do I remove leading whitespace chars from Ruby HEREDOC?

In Rails 3 there is a method #strip_heredoc, that strips all whitespace.
But when inserting lines in an existing file, that already has identation, this doesn't work too well. An example:

insert_into_file "#{app_name}/config/environments/produ

Perl regexps not matching string with leading zeros / incorrectly escaped numerals with leading zeros on command line in Perl
by undeinpirat in Programming Languages

I have updated this question, as in the original question the issue I was chasing turned out to be an alltogether different bug (not interesting in this context). But the second order mistake I did in testing is something others may run into and produced an answer with a very interesting insight, so I'll leave this here as a question.

I was trying to track down an issue with regular

cp leading zero
by Shadowknight in Operating Systems

My script:

for i in {99..100}
cp dummy.shp dummy.{ printf %04d%s ${i}\_shp}

I want to have:


How can I do it?

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How to set leading in TextBox?
by wpoch in Development Tools & Services

I have a TextBox control with some text.
I want to modify this: link in that TextBox.

How to do this?

TAGS : leading TextBox

How to set leading in CoreText?
by ajjaeger in Mobile Programming

You can get it with CTFontGetLeading(aCTFont), but how do you SET it?

Can anyone please explain?

Is there another way around this? Do you have to set the space between the lines manually, perhaps?

TAGS : leading CoreText

Add a leading zero until the number 10
by CyberGreg in Programming Languages

I have a list of numbers up to the number 10:

I need to put a zero in front of each number except the number 10.

So it looks like this:

HTML looks like this:

<p class=​"number weight-400">​1</p>​
<p class=​"number weight-400">​2​</p>​

How to cut off leading digits? C++
by MikeT in C & C++ & C#

How can I cut off the leading digits of a number in order to only display the last two digits, without using the library. For example:

1923 to 23

2001 to 01

1234 to 34

123 to 23

with only

#include <iomanip>
#include <iostream>


TAGS : leading digits

how to write to csv with a leading zero?
by Bado in Programming Languages

I wish to write to a CSV file some data. One of the column that I input the information is in the form of an integer with leading zeros, example: 0000000013.

For some reason, excel 'converts' it to 13, and I must have it with 10 digits (0000000013). Can anyone tell how this can be circumvented?

String value = "0000000013"; //I tried String.format("%8d", 13) doesn't

About the Leading Causes of Stress
by witeken in Health
Stress is a physical response to perceived or real threats. It is vital to understand the leading causes of stress in order to know how to cope with them. Stress is a contributing factor in certain serious conditions such as heart disease and impairs the immune system. Managing stress is an aid to good health. Acute and Chronic StressAccording to the Mayo Clinic, there are two primary categorie

What Are the Leading Causes of Homelessness?
by Veliko in Culture & Society
Since the 1940s, the issue of homelessness has remained a growing concern within the United States. Factors contributing to the problem are varied and deep-set within the make-up of our economy. This article will cover the causes of homelessness and characteristics of the homeless population. IdentificationLiving without a home, be it on the streets or in shelters, is what defines homelessness.

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