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Minor Child Legal Guardianship & Legal Rights of Parents
by wraith in Education
Legal guardianship of a minor child is normally established by a probate court. Through a court order a person other than the child's parents is given the right to care for the child until the term of guardianship is terminated. Guardianship is granted when a court finds that the legal parents of a child are not in a position to properly care for the child. This transfer of responsibility does not

How to Go From a Legal Separation to a Legal Divorce in Missouri
by ERaubenheimer in Legal
Legal separation is often chosen by couples as an alternative to divorce for religious reasons, to preserve a spouse's health insurance, or to protect the assets of both spouses while they attempt to reconcile. If one or both spouses decide to pursue a divorce in Missouri, they must meet the residency requirements and be able to prove grounds for divorce in accordance with state law.Difficulty:Mod

How to Contact the Legal Bar to Report Legal Malpractice
by jmccliment in Legal
If you believe your attorney is guilty of malpractice or unethical conduct in the handling of your legal issues, there is a mechanism available to you through which you can report this lawyer. Each state maintains an agency (associated with both the bar association and highest court in the state) that oversees the conduct of attorneys in the performance of their professional duties. Through this a

The Difference Between Legal Clerks and Legal Assistants
by chadrico in Business
The legal profession provides many jobs for people other than practicing attorneys. Some of the job labels can be confusing. A person who does not have knowledge in the legal profession would not normally know the job functions of a paralegal, a legal assistant or a law clerk. To start, a person in one of these positions serves a judge, while the other two serve attorneys. Legal Assistant Posit

My legal domain name is not a legal Java package name
by Barak in Java

The name of my domain name is 3DTOPO.com. Apparently java does not allow package domain names to start with a number.

Why doesn't the Java reverse domain name follow the same rules as domain names do? I really don't want to name my package com.threedtopo....

For starters that isn't my domain name! Anyone else would be free to register and use that domain. Besides it is v

Legal Divorce Vs. Legal Separation
by AJacques in Legal
You have three legal options available to you if you experience marital problems. You can seek a divorce, a legal separation or annulment. Of these three possibilities, divorce and legal separation are more frequently sought than an annulment. There are some similarities as well as differences between a divorce and a legal separation. Divorce FunctionThe function of a divorce is to resolve all

About Legal Name Changes
by Timo in Legal
Every year, more than 50,000 people apply for legal name changes in the United States. Name change applicants vary. Many of them are parents seeking to rename their children; others are adults seeking to change one or more of their birth names, including surnames after marriage.
Federal law mandates that name changes be allowed, but state laws regulate the process. And while informal name c

How to Get Legal Aid
by Miklebud in Legal
Finding yourself in need of legal help can be scary, especially if you can't afford a lawyer, but there are places you can go for help. Legal aid agencies provide counsel for low-income individuals either free or on a sliding scale.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Search the Internet for legal aid in your area. Entering the words "legal aid" and your city and state into a search engine will bring up
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What Is Legal Bud?
by mikk in Health
A legal bud is any legally smokable herb or herbal smoking blend. A wide variety of legal smokable herbs and herbal blends are available on the market. The easiest place to find legal buds to purchase is on the Internet. HerbsMany different herbs, both exotic and domestic, are legal to smoke. Some examples of smokable herbs include mugwort (also known as artemesia vulgaris), kava kava, lavender
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Legal Way to End an LLC
by sub-80 in Business
Dismantling a limited liability corporation (LLC) is not as easy as closing the doors and turning out the lights. In many states, permission from the secretary of state is required and involves proving that taxes are paid up, partners are notified and there are no outstanding debts. Once these things are done, you will receive permission to close through a Certificate of Dissolution. Limited Li
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