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Hotels in St. Leonard
by mvonballmo in Travel
Just outside Montreal, Quebec, St. Leonard is known for its love of sports and for its rich, Italian culture. As testament to the local popularity of sports and outdoor fun, St. Leonard is home to soccer fields, hockey and figure skating arenas, and has extensive bike paths running through the area. Whether you are visiting St. Leonard for business or pleasure, or if you are just passing through,
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Hal Leonard Banjo Method
by knockout-2.0 in Arts & Entertainment
The Hal Leonard Banjo Method is a series of instructional books for people wishing to learn how to play the banjo in the bluegrass style. It ranges from beginning level to more advanced instruction. Overview of the Hal Leonard MethodThe Hal Leonard Method involves the use of a banjo, two instructional books, and two supplementary books. The learner follows the instructional book and then refer

The Meaning of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah
by aShufflinZombie in Arts & Entertainment
Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah was originally released on the 1984 studio album "Various Positions." The word "hallelujah" means "praise to god," and is repeated 27 times throughout the song. IdentificationLeonard Cohen, Dublin, 2008Hallelujah begins with the mention of a secret chord discovered by the biblical King David, whose seduction of Bathsheba is chronicled in 2 Samuel 11 of the Old Testame

Leonard Bernstein and Children's Songs
by joth in Arts & Entertainment
Legendary late musician Leonard Bernstein is among the 21st century's most influential arts and culture icons, in notable part for his enduring contribution to the children's music genre. A prolific composer, conductor, producer, entertainer and teacher, Bernstein was passionate about making and playing music for younger generations; this focused dedication is reflected in his celebrated youth-or

Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood
by jaredsmiller in Careers & Job Searching
One of five U.S. Army training sites, Fort Leonard Wood delivers basic combat training (BCT) to new recruits. All soldiers undergo the 10-week course before being assigned to a regular Army unit. LocationLocated in the scenic Ozark country of central Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood is remote and characterized by a rough rural environment with varying weather. It simulates some of the harsh conditio

Restaurants in Dallas on Leonard Street
by Poland in Travel
Located in the heart of the Arts District in Dallas, Leonard Street passes by the Dee and Charles Wyley Theater and Sammons Park. Restaurants on and around Leonard Street are within 15 minutes of fine art museums in the area, including the Dallas Museum of Art and Trammel and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art. Some restaurants in the area even provide pre-theater dinner menus for Arts District

How to Plant a Leonard Messel Magnolia Tree
by YuriyLazarev in Home & Garden
The Leonard Messel magnolia is the results of crossing the “Magnolia kobus” and “stellata” together. The Leonard Messel magnolia has lovely blooms that set on from early spring to mid-spring and they vary from different shades of pink. The bloom color depends on the season’s temperatures. The flowers also have a row of inner petals that are white. This is a wonderf

Colleges in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
by br4dz in Education
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri offers four different branch campuses where you may pursue higher education. These colleges aim to keep tuition affordable, while offering accredited degrees through both on-campus and distance learning courses. Together these campuses offer Fort Leonard Wood and the surrounding areas the opportunity to earn a diverse range of degrees whether technical or professional.

Army Lodging at Fort Leonard Wood
by soup006 in Culture & Society
There are five main lodging sites at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri: Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH), Morelli Heights, Sturgis Heights, Foster Lodge and the Pet Cottages. The UEPH housing is strictly for military personnel, but the other lodging locations on base are for military personnel and their dependents. Since Army Basic Combat Training and Military Police training is ongoing a

Mexican Restaurants Near Leonard Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan
by LookBehindYou in Parties & Entertaining
Leonard Street is one of the major thoroughfares in northern Grand Rapids, Michigan, running past the Cornerstone University campus, the Frederik Meijer Gardens and over the Grand River. This street does not have any Mexican restaurants; however, Mexican restaurants in southern Grand Rapids and the city's downtown district are within 15 minutes of Leonard Street. After having Mexican food for lunc

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