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How can I output a row with id lets say 31
by Thomas Gueze in Programming Languages
$link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'username', 'password');
if (!$link) {
die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
echo 'Connected successfully';
if (!mysql_select_db('database'))
die("Can't select database");
// choose id 31 from table users
echo $id; //31
echo $name; //id31's name
echo $surname //id31's surname
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is there a function that lets me look at the next char?
by Henschkowski in Programming Languages

is there a function in c that lets me look at the next char in an array? Also where could I find this information on my own, I tried Google and looking for existing threads on this site.

I am trying to pull numbers from a line, and store those numbers. So I want to do something like

if(c = a number and c "next character" is not a number){value is = value*10+c-'0', sto

What Happens If Someone Lets a Property Go to Foreclosure?
by Spain in Personal Finance
By letting a property go into foreclosure, you are breaking a legal and binding contract between you and your mortgage lender. If you break this contract, your lender can sue you for the balance of the loan plus legal fees. The length of time from when you first miss a mortgage payment and the foreclosure sale of your property can last anywhere from months to years. Mortgage Default NoticeOnce

How Do I Fix My Fireplace That Lets Smoke In?
by Anubis in Home & Garden
A fireplace that is allowing smoke to enter your home or "back-puffing" is not only an annoyance -- it can also be a safety issue because the smoke contains dangerous carbon monoxide gas. There are several possible causes and solutions for back-puffing and determining which method you need is a matter of trial and error.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Air supply

AdornerDecorator that lets some adorners pass?
by Skee in Programming Languages

Question: Is it possible to create an AdornerDecorator that takes only the Adorners I want to its AdornerLayer?

public class SimpleCircleBehavior : Behavior<TextBox>
private SimpleCircleAdorner sca;
protected override void OnAttached()

Android Facebook SDK lets users not log in?
by chetansha in Programming Languages

I have a screen that popups up that Facebook login thing with the following code:

//facebook stuff
if (Session.getActiveSession() == null || Session.getActiveSession().isClosed()) {
Session.openActiveSession(this, true, null);

If the user hits the "back" button and dismisses the login thing, it automatically sends them to

A shopping cart that lets you pay your customors
by ezzze in Web Design

I'm looking for a non-standard feature of a shopping cart:
My partners should be able to preform some actions in my website, and gain money. At a certain point, a partner may whish to cash-out/withdraw the money she has gained to her pay-pal account.

Are you aware of such a reverse shopping cart? Open source solutions are preferred.

I'm aware

A thread pool that lets me know when at least 1 has finished?
by Bakafish in Programming Languages

I need to use a thread pool in python, and I want to be able to know when at least 1 thead out or "maximum threads allowed" has finished, so I can start it again if I still need to do something.

I has been using something like this:

def doSomethingWith(dataforthread):
i = i-1 #thread has finished
i = 0
poolSize = 5
threads =

How to Fix a Slow Cooker That Lets Steam Out
by Daniel E. Renfer in Home & Garden
Slow cookers are small appliances that allow you to cook food on the countertop instead of heating up the entire house with a hot oven. As the name implies, they cook food slowly using the heat and steam trapped inside the pot. Since the lid isn't designed to seal shut, some escaping steam is normal; however, if your slow cooker is leaking excessive steam, it isn't cooking efficiently, and may cau

Is there anyway to create graphical representation lets say 2D by PHP?
by Rakehellion in PHP

I'm sure, I don't ask for the whole script. If you have answer == Yes then Please provide the function names in PHP?


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