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Federal Model Act: Laws on Life Insurance Policies & the Surrender of a Life Policy
by itsmegb in Personal Finance
Model legislation created to regulate the life settlement industry is called the Model Viatical Settlements Act, and has been adopted in many states. When individuals become older, unable, or unwilling to pay for life insurance premiums, a life settlement company may purchase a life insurance policy from the policy owner. These kinds of exchanges are considered "investments" and if you are looking

Why Do People Persist in Buying Cash-Value Life Insurance Instead of Term Life?
by venom361 in Personal Finance
The two main types of life insurance are term life insurance and cash value life insurance. Each type of policy has its own advantages and disadvantages. While some people strongly prefer term life insurance for all insurance purchases, there are others who persist in purchasing only cash value life insurance. Term LifeTerm life insurance provides basic death benefit protection. The insurance c

The Disadvantages of Poor Time Management in Personal Life and Family Life
by rituraj in Relationships & Family
From TV and the Internet to daydreams, life is full of a million distractions that get in the way of accomplishing a task. Although each distraction may only last a short time, they add up to a large chunk of working time. It is like a war of attrition, and the disadvantages of giving in are unmet goals in both personal and family life. A Stressful LifeA major disadvantage of poor time manageme

Role of Mortality and Life Expectancy in Life Insurance and Pensions
by KompuKare in Personal Finance
Most people want to live long, full lives and spend many years enjoying the benefits that come with retirement. But even as life expectancy grows for people who choose healthy lifestyles and take advantage of modern medicine, insurance companies and businesses that offer pensions must balance their financial models with the changing reality of human mortality. Life Insurance ConsiderationsWhen

The Animal Life & Plant Life of the Gulf Coastal Plain
by Carbito in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Gulf Coastal Plains are a large expansive area that covers much of the southern states in the U.S. Many of the animals and plants found in the Gulf Coastal Plains are endangered due to habitat destruction. Endangered plants and animals should be left alone if encountered in the wild. Knowing what these animals and plants look like can help identify them and determine if they are endangered spe

How Do I Cash in My Globe Life Life Insurance Policy ?
by robvp in Personal Finance
While the primary purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit to those you leave behind, some life insurance policies have a cash-out value as well. If you have a whole life policy through Globe Life, you might be able to cash that policy in and receive some money.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Globe Life insurance policy number

Review a co

What Is the Difference Betweem Whole Life & Term Life Insurance?
by Igor Carron in Personal Finance
Whole life insurance and term life insurance both provide a death benefit to your beneficiaries when you die. However, the two types of insurance differ in many respects, including cost and coverage term. Additionally, when you buy a whole life insurance policy, your contract has a cash value, whereas a term policy does not. Coverage TermWhole life insurance policies are permanent, which means

The Differences & Similarities Between Farm Life & City Life
by Ed. in Culture & Society
Some people move from the city to a farm to slow down and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Likewise, farmers sometimes trade in their machines and tools for the faster paced city life. HistoryThe Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s brought many factories to U.S. cities. This is the period when America began to change from a more rural farm-based way of life to a more urban

How to Compare Whole Life & Variable Life Insurance Policies
by Ian McKellar in Personal Finance
Making a decision to purchase permanent insurance like whole life insurance and variable life insurance is both rewarding and a challenge. Unlike term insurance that you can change every year as long as you're healthy, with no financial ramifications, changing permanent insurance is costly. Selecting not only the right company, but also the right type of product for your situation is important. Th

How to Convert Variable Universal Life to Term Life
by Zivic in Personal Finance
Variable universal life is a form of life insurance that combines many features of whole, variable and universal life policies. These features include flexibility of premium, investment control of cash value and flexible death benefits. While a unique feature of variable universal life insurance is the cash value to the policy owner held in a separate investment account, it shares many features w

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