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Core data storage limit, Cache Limit, RAM limit on iphone
by sepe in Operating Systems

I am making a some complex app, in which every detail is imp. i have some questions
1. how much storage limit we have, if we plan to save big files on core data/cache.
2. Whats the RAM limit on iphone? Actually searching for some table that can give detailed info about IOS devices on this. Because i need to handle memory warnings and defend App crashes.
3. Its better to save ima

Android heap size limit, do we still really need to design applications with a 16 MB limit in mind?
by Kbotei in Network & Servers

Like the title says, should I still be designing my application around a 16 MB heap size limit? The reason I ask is that I've been developing a game recently that runs fine on my nearly 2 year old Droid 2. But when I test my app using an AVD with a 16 MB heap size limit, I get out of memory errors. Monitoring my application with DDMS shows that the total memory allocated for my game is around 2

Overcome Wordpress Memory Exceeded Limit, WITHOUT changing server's limit
by cynix in Programming Languages

My server's limit is set to 8MB. I want wordpress to work, however it must be incredibly bloated if it needs to use over 8MB just to get to the admin page. I have no plugins, it's a fresh install.

Is there anyway i can strip it down so that it no longer causes this error? I will not change the memory limit to larger than 8mb

How can I limit the size of Apache's access_log, and limit the number of archived logs it keeps?
by dyarborough in Development Tools & Services

Apache's access_log file rotates out into an archived copy around 1GB every few days. Where are the settings to control this? I'd like to be able to control both the max size and the number of archived logs it keeps around. Is this part of apache's configuration, or do I need to write cron jobs ( et al ) to deal with this? I'm running pre-forked httpd.

How to Determine when the Limit of a function is equal to Infinity or the Limit does not Exists
by JGKelly in Education
Many students that study Calculus for the first time, struggle with the Topic of Limits of a Function. How to find the Limit of some functions is challenging to say the least, but to determine the difference between the non-existence of the limit of a function, or the limit of the function is Infinity, is not clear. This Article will show by the use of an Example problem, how to determine the diff

Codeigniter Pagination - Limit and Limit Offset query strings
by deshao in Coding

I have config code for Codeigniter's pagination

$config['base_url'] = $base_url;
$config['total_rows'] = $total_search_results;
$config['per_page'] = $per_page;
$config['num_links'] = 4;
$config['use_page_numbers'] = FALSE;
$config['page_query_string'] = TRUE;
$config['query_string_segment'] = 'limit-offset';

I have "l

GWT CSSResources limit of css file size 65535 bytes limit
by ezzze in Web Design

is GWT CSSResources limits css file size should not be more than 65535 bytes. why so?

select with limit and update table. Limit not working fine. sql
by Kocur in Programming Languages

I am trying to update thable with select using limit
It's update table fine when we enter "limit" only with one parameter in select query like (limit 50)

But when select with "limit" like (limit $sqlFrom, $sqlTo) it updates the table but skip 2nd (51 to 100) records and again start updating from 101.

It skip every 2nd 50 records

Is there a lower limit and upper limit check function in PHP or MySQL?
by pulkizine in PHP

Is there such a function in PHP or MySQL?

function check($lower,$val, $upper)
if ($val>$lower && $val<$upper)
return $val;
if ($val<=$lower)
return $lower;
if ($val>=$upper)
return $upper;

CakePHP limit of mysql is 20 without me setting it. How do i remove this limit?
by sinisterDei in Programming Languages

I have a mysql call with pagination that looks like that:

$this->paginate['limit'] = 400;
$this->paginate['Word']= array('contain'=>"");
$wording = $this->paginate('Word');

and the result is:

SELECT `Word`.`id`, `Word`.`special`, FROM `words` AS `Word` WHERE `Word`.`writing_translation_id` = 197 LIMIT 20


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