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Remove the 1st line of a file in Java regardless of newline type without calling exec or iterating over it line by line
by Bong Munoz in Java

I'm trying to write a method in Java that removes the first line of a file.

First idea (rejected because calling .exec is not a good practice)

public void removeHeader(String fileName) throws IOException, InterruptedException {
if (StringUtils.isBlank(fileName)) {
throw new IllegalArgumentException("fileName was empty");

Linux command-line reader (like “less”) that can start in line x and return the current line
by Braxos in Programming Languages

I'm developing a little app, as a hobby to learn ncurses, that catalogs and lists and searches within a set of documents (for now, they are the HOWTOs from LDP).

The most tricky part of the app is, I believe, the file reader (show the contents of a file nicely). To really be able to provide a good enough user experience, given that the HOWTOs are somewhat long, it wou

How can I make the display of a line in my command-line java program change without displaying a new line?
by Ali in Java

I'm making a java command line program.

How can I change the contents of a line I've already displayed?

So, for example I could display:

Status: 0%
Status: 2%
Status: 50%

Except, rather than continuing to push down each new line, I simply change the contents of the existing line, so the % done changes in place.


Read a column value from previous line and next line but insert them as additional fields in the current line using awk
by Vasiliy in Operating Systems

I hope you can help me out with my problem.

I have an input file with 3 columns of data which looks like this:

Apl_No Act_No Sfx_No
100 10 0
100 11 1
100 12 2
100 13 3
101 20 0
101 21 1

I need to create an output file which contains the data as in the input and 3 additional f

How can I read line by line an HTML file and return document.write() for each line with Javascript?
by beebob in Javascript

I have 3 files: index.html, header.js and footer.js.

I wonder if I can use just one JS script to read line by line the HTML files header.html and footer.html (files instead of header.js and footer.js) and return for each line of the file the document.write('line content');?

Instead of having header.js and footer.js I want to have header.html and footer.html and one JS fi

In emacs org-mode, the bullet line and its next line are in same line after exporting to html file
by Hugo in Web Design

A simple org-mode document, a * header line, a - Q: line with an intended A: line.
After exporting to html, why are Q: and A: in the same line?

* Header line
- Q: questions
A: answers

Java How to read a file line by line. Each line is mixed with both ascII and binary
by domis in Operating Systems

I have a file have multiple lines.

For each line the format is

"String A" "String B" "binary data"

What I want to do is adding "String C" in front of each line

"String C" "String A" "String B" "binary data"

Now I am using BufferedReader.readline(), it seems like this method has problem when reading binary data.

how to read file line by line in shell script and store each line in a variable
by WellBeing in Programming Languages

i am new in unix. i have to write a shell script which read a file line by line and store it in a separate variable. my text file contents multiple source path and one destination path.
something like this::


number of source path can vary.
I dont have much hands on experience

How to make a line draw between two points as you are trying to set the second / end point of the line (like drawing a line in MSPAINT!)
by frugivore in Mobile Programming

I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how you would go about this?

- User pushes (+) Add Button
- Image appears to let user set start point of line
- After user sets the first point a second image appears and a line is drawn between them and animated between them as user moves the second image into place.

You could see this sort of actio

Executing Python multi-line statements in the one-line command-line
by Daniel E. Renfer in Programming Languages

I'm using python -c to execute a one-liner loop, i.e.:

$ python -c "for r in range(10): print 'rob'"

this works fine. However, if I import a module before the for loop, I get a syntax error:

$ python -c "import sys; for r in range(10): print 'rob'"
File "<string>", line 1
import sys; for r in range(10): print 'rob'


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