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How to copy entire folder from Amazon EC2 Linux instance to local Linux machine?
by George Garchagudashvili in Network & Servers

I connected to Amazon's linux instance from ssh using private key. I am trying to copy entire folder from that instance to my local linux machine .

Can anyone tell me the correct scp command to do this?

Or do I need something more than scp?
Both machines are Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Is there any linux scripts to for uploading nodejs app to myown linux server? Like appfog or heroku
by picamiolo in Development Tools & Services

Is there any linux scripts to for uploading nodejs app to myown linux server?
Like appfog or heroku. I have dedicated linux server and working on linux too.

I want upload my nodejs application to server and restart nodejs with one shell command.
I can write script, but maybe don't need to invent bycicle?

Encoding Videos In cloud Using Linux scripts or some softwares installed on linux
by goffi in Development Tools & Services

I want to encode the videos, which user uploads, similar to youtube which transforms whatever video type you upload to flv, mp4,webm . Because i can only play webm,html5 video in my Webapp
So i need to do this thing. I have tried www.zencoder.net But thats costly for me, because i have to encode too much videos most of the time.

Is there any solution, how this can be done, I ha

copy file from windows to linux running scp or any appropriate command in linux terminal
by acacio in Operating Systems

i facing issues when i am trying to copy the file/s from windows machine
to linux(running in vmware) using scp or sftp or using any appropriate command of linux

scp 246094@10...*:C:/Users/12345/sahi .

help appricaited

How to (trivially) parallelize with the Linux shell by starting one task per Linux core?
by Bjørn Håkon in Operating Systems

Today's CPUs typically comprise several physical cores. These might even be multi-threaded so that the Linux kernel sees quite a large number of cores and accordingly starts several times the Linux scheduler (one for each core). When running multiple tasks on a Linux system the scheduler achieves normally a good distribution of the total workload to all Linux cores (might be the same physical c

How to Compile SFML C++ Source Code From Linux to Windows on a Linux Distro?
by sgmichelsen in C & C++ & C#

I've been searching online for solutions for 5 hours and still can't compile on my Linux Distro (openSuSE) to Windows using the SFML API.

I can compile non-SFML applications without any problems using the MinGW compiler on openSuSE by invoking this command:

i686-w64-mingw32-g++ Main.cpp

However, whenever I compile a SFML program like this one: ht

Segmentation fault when reconnecting to SQL Server database using pyodbc on Linux using MS ODBC Driver 1.0 for Linux
by zclin in Operating Systems

I have written a job server that runs 1 or more jobs concurrently (or simultaneously depending on the number of CPUs on the system). A lot of the jobs created connect to a SQL Server database, perform a query, fetch the results and write the results to a CSV file. For these types of jobs I use pyodbc and Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver 1.0 for Linux to connect, run the query, then

I have imported code for KVM-22 for linux to Xcode but erorrs like #include<linux/module.h> not found occur .
by dlock13 in Operating Systems

I have imported code for KVM-22 for linux to Xcode but erorrs like #include not found occur . I know it is because on mac machine module.h cant be existing under linux folder .
My doubt is where are header files like mm.h , page.h , module.h found in mac directory structure

Python logging extremely slow on Linux server… but fast on Linux development VM?
by Pakistan in Network & Servers

Using the exact same code, it takes about 50ms every call to a logger method (such as logger.debug) on the server, while on the dev machine it's less than 1ms. The loggers are outputting to files, with a little bit of formatting.

Other than the slowdowns with logging, the server is twice as fast.

I'm developing on Ubuntu 11.04 (Gnome) running inside VMWare on Windows 7.

How can I cross compile my Linux application to get a Windows executable in Linux?
by Bateluer in Operating Systems

I need to cross compile my QT application in Linux. I compiled my application from the QT SDK in Linux and it is working properly.
How do I create an .exe for the same application in Linux. I have installed Mingw in Linux and qmake, but I dont know how to proceed with cross compiling.
How do I link my QT with a cross compiler like MinGW and Qmake. I am using SuSE Linux. I have also go

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