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Getting database ID of objects in ListView and updating ListView from user control ListView
by Sankarsan Bose in Programming Languages

I am creating a website and am facing the following problem. I have 2 ListViews.
The first ListView is inside a user control called Sidebar.ascx:

<asp:ListView ID="sidebarListView" runat="server" DataKeyNames="Id" DataSourceID="SqlDataSourceSidebar">
<div class="sidebarItem" runat="server">

C# Write Listview, and Read Listview (how to add indicator for listview for subitem)
by snapshooter in Programming Languages

Ok, so i got this project going on for myself to keep some thing in order.

What i have is this :

|24-24-2012| 4:42 | Warning - test/test|

Now I got all that working, atleast the reading & writing.

but its not going

Android Listview question:can not use <ListView> </ListView> in layout xml?
by BofRA in Programming Languages

I try to write a xml like below xml,but always get an exception say
that"Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException:
addView(View,LayoutParams) is not supported in Adapterview".
It is say that in layout xml can not use <ListView> </ListView>,and
it should be <ListView />and be manipulated using java code,is it?

Listview setOnItemClickListener - Not working for custom listview but working into simple listview
by keithosu in Programming Languages

I have problem with the get the listview item when click listitem.
I Got listview item for the simple listview(Arrayadapter), but I have face problem for the custom listview.

I am using

listview.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener() {
public void onItemClic

Listview's items grayed out after setting the listview's adapter in a button's onclicklistener…?
by chuck1723 in Programming Languages

hi there guys and girls

I have a issue in my app; in my app, I refine listviews adapter and it's items using buttons, but when I click a button like "Show all records", the items in the listview are grayed out.

I think the code speaks for itself:

show_all_Button.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {

Android: I have a fixed header for a listview but the “glow effect” is only for the listview
by juma in Programming Languages

I'm trying to make a layout similar to the people app, so I have a list with a fixed header at the top. I define the header on top of the listview inside a relative layout but the "glow effect" at the top of the list is only for the listview and not the whole layout.

This is what I have:

and this is what I want:

This is my layout file:

Advance ListView next item / setSelectionFromTop not working / Inhibit user scrolling ListView
by Florian Derudder in Programming Languages

Good afternoon,

I have a list view that show a list of items...well not all of them but they are all there. Rather than let the user scroll up / down the requirement asks for and up / down buttons. I have everything handled quite well EXCEPT how to advance the ListView. Say I'm looking at item 3 in the list. The user hits next...I want to ListView to advance to item 4. I am keeping

Resetting listview datasource causes ensureVisible to stop working on WinJS.UI.ListView
by codemnky in Operating Systems

We have a ListView with a static data source. In the event data changes we reset the list's data source to a new static collection. In this instance the ListView's ensureVisible function stops working (even from msSetImmediate).

For example: say we load a list of appointments and we want to default to the current day's appointment. This works fine the first

Android: Spinners within a ListView loose their values when I add dynamically new ListView entries
by Rob Northen in Programming Languages

My activity contains a button and a ListView. The ListView contains a Spinner and an EditText view. I use the button each time I want to insert a new row entry in my Activity's ListView.

I have followed the instructions of previous stackoverflow threads like this one here: Android Listview with spinner and a checkbox on how to populate ListViews with focusable objects like Spinners.

Android: How to edit my ListView in another activity and return the edited result to the ListView
by Techhog in Programming Languages

So I have a listview in my activity1 class, what i want to do is:

Click on an item in the listview, which will open activity2 class, with 2 edit texts with the values from the clicked item in the listview, like name and age strings, I want to edit those values/strings in my activity2 class [by changing the edit texts], and send the edited values back to my listview in activity1 clas


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