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Getting database ID of objects in ListView and updating ListView from user control ListView
Category : Programming Languages

I am creating a website and am facing the following problem. I have 2 ListViews.
The first ListView is inside a user control called Sidebar.ascx:

<asp:ListView ID="sidebarListView" runat="server" DataKeyNames="Id" DataSourceID="SqlDataSourceSidebar">
<div class="sidebarItem" runat="server">

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C# Write Listview, and Read Listview (how to add indicator for listview for subitem)
Category : Programming Languages

Ok, so i got this project going on for myself to keep some thing in order.

What i have is this :

|24-24-2012| 4:42 | Warning - test/test|

Now I got all that working, atleast the reading & writing.

but its not going

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Android Listview question:can not use <ListView> </ListView> in layout xml?
Category : Programming Languages

I try to write a xml like below xml,but always get an exception say
that"Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException:
addView(View,LayoutParams) is not supported in Adapterview".
It is say that in layout xml can not use <ListView> </ListView>,and
it should be <ListView />and be manipulated using java code,is it?

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Listview setOnItemClickListener - Not working for custom listview but working into simple listview
Category : Programming Languages

I have problem with the get the listview item when click listitem.
I Got listview item for the simple listview(Arrayadapter), but I have face problem for the custom listview.

I am using

listview.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener() {
public void onItemClic

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Advance ListView next item / setSelectionFromTop not working / Inhibit user scrolling ListView
Category : Programming Languages

Good afternoon,

I have a list view that show a list of items...well not all of them but they are all there. Rather than let the user scroll up / down the requirement asks for and up / down buttons. I have everything handled quite well EXCEPT how to advance the ListView. Say I'm looking at item 3 in the list. The user hits next...I want to ListView to advance to item 4. I am keeping

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Listview's items grayed out after setting the listview's adapter in a button's onclicklistener…?
Category : Programming Languages

hi there guys and girls

I have a issue in my app; in my app, I refine listviews adapter and it's items using buttons, but when I click a button like "Show all records", the items in the listview are grayed out.

I think the code speaks for itself:

show_all_Button.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {

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Android: I have a fixed header for a listview but the “glow effect” is only for the listview
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to make a layout similar to the people app, so I have a list with a fixed header at the top. I define the header on top of the listview inside a relative layout but the "glow effect" at the top of the list is only for the listview and not the whole layout.

This is what I have:

and this is what I want:

This is my layout file:

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Buttons bellow ListView are not fixed to the bottom of the screen when the ListView is empty
Category : Programming Languages

I have a Layout which contains a ListView some buttons below it.

What I want is for the buttons to be fixed to the bottom of the screen.

When the ListView has several items (more than what fits the screen) the code is working properly and the buttons appear in the bottom of the screen.

However, when the ListView is empty or does not require scrolling, the but

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Can I Store The String Values From MulitiColumn listView to Simple ListView in the Next Activity?
Category : Programming Languages

How to Get the Value from Custom ListView with two columns to Simple ListView in Next Activity.i have select1 and select2 String[] variables.Myval is Global Variable.i have the following Exceptions *

Exceptions in the logcat:

07-31 10:37:55.470: E/AndroidRuntime(974): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
07-31 10:37:55.470: E/AndroidRuntime(974): java.lang.NullPointerEx

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Need assistance with adding a footer to an Android ListView such that it does not overlap the entries of the ListView
Category : Android

The code below is for a ListView with a footer, the problem I am facing is that the lower entries in the ListView are getting overlapped by the footer.
So Could you suggest any solution (because I tried a lot and it each situation I am getting the same overlapping result) or some other way to do it. Thanks in advance. I have also posted the code of the footer just in case.

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