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How to Improve Good Listening Skills and Communication With Active Listening
by neosephiroth86 in Relationships & Family
Problems can arise at home with friends and at work.To keep arguing to a minimum here are some ideas on improving your listen skills.How to communicate and try and solve a problem active listening.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions First anger gets you no where . It is difficult to keep your temper when someone is screaming and being condescending towards you. Take a deep breath and listen

How Is Critical Listening Different From Normal Everyday Listening & Thinking?
by energy95 in Relationships & Family
Critical listening allows you to gather all of the information being presented to you in the argument, then you can assess the argument in a concise, focused and logical way. But when listening critically, you are only evaluating and judging the context of the argument, not the person you're listening to. Critical listening is quite different from everyday listening and thinking in a number of dif

Difference Between Active Listening & Passive Listening
by The_Eclectic1 in Relationships & Family
Effective listening skills are absolutely essential to good communication. There are essentially two kinds of listeners, passive and active. While both types of listening are better than nothing, active listening tends to promote better relational outcomes. The primary difference between the two is that the goal of active listening is to understand what is being said, while the goal of passive lis

What Is Web Listening?
by Michael in Business
With the explosion of social media and networking sites, savvy organizations are embracing a new dynamic for mining useful nuggets of business intelligence in the name of market research. Companies are listening to and analyzing the content on social media sites to help them build reputation as well as market products and services. The trendy term for this new form of listening is called “We
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How to Tell if Someone is Really Listening to you
by Wisconsin in Culture & Society
Determining if someone is paying attention to what you have to convey is really simple. All you need to do is follow two simple suggestions contained in this article.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
A willingness to try the examples.

There are more people than not who, on occasion, feel shunned by other people. It is only natural, since everyone has other t

listening to changes in Backbone.js
by wpoch in Web Design

I'm trying to understand when to use events in the view vs in the models or collections.
From what I understand now:

events in the UI that made by the user - should be in the view's "event" method.

for listening to changes in the model and re-render the view of it, I will place a listen event in the initialize method of the view.

to what exactly do I lis

How to Use Spy Listening Devices
by piratus in Electronics
If you're interested in becoming a private detective, or want to uncover any underhand activity, spy listening devices are a useful tool, and using them is relatively straightforward. Spy listening devices are essentially microphones, and they come in a variety of different styles and sizes. You can get microphones small enough to clip onto a lapel and models that you can phone to listen to remote

The 4 Stages of Listening
by Netopia in Culture & Society
While on the listening end of a conversation, many individuals are not fully engaged in listening. They are instead thinking of other things, or formulating a response to what the speaker is saying. This fact greatly diminishes effective communication. Active listening can be improved by observing the four stages of listening during your next conversation. The benefits of active listening include
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Five Levels of Listening
by Martin Dobrev in Culture & Society
We hear a lot every day -- but do we really listen to all of it? There is a difference between just hearing something and really listening to it. For effective listening, you have to go through a few levels or steps. You may already be a good listener without even knowing what the levels are, but it always helps to think about the subtleties that separate one level from another. Level 1: Hearin

Listening to database changes using PHP
by goffi in PHP

I have a legacy system that uses Oracle and runs nightly jobs, aka Batch. During batch processing it posts multiple events to several tables in that database. I want to create a web based application that can monitor these changes.

My general idea is

creating a PHP server/backend app that listens to any changes in db (specifically, aforementioned tables) and emits messages

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