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express 3.0 how to use app.locals.use and res.locals.use
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am on express3.0rc2. How to use app.locals.use(does it still exist) and res.locals.use

I saw this https://github.com/visionmedia/express/issues/1131 but app.locals.use throws an error. I am assuming that once I put the function in app.locals.use I can use it in the routes.

I was thinking of adding


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Need something like locals in python
Category : Programming Languages

It works like that:

>>> def foo(arg):
... x = 1
... print locals()
>>> foo(7)
{'arg': 7, 'x': 1}
>>> foo('bar')
{'arg': 'bar', 'x': 1}

And i need something like this in c# .net, or how is it possible to implement it myself?

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How to Add Locals to DirectTV
Category : Arts & Entertainment
DirecTV offers more than 200 channels of programming, including local channels for 150 local markets in the United States. If you are unsure if DirecTV serves your area with local channels, search the database on its website. Most DirecTV packages include the local channels for your area, but if your area happens to be one of the few that DirecTV doesn't serve, you may qualify to get local channel

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Node.js: Require locals
Category : Web Design
What I want

Is it possible to pass locals to a required module?
For example:

// in main.js
var words = { a: 'hello', b:'world'};
require('module.js', words);
// in module.js
console.log(words.a + ' ' + words.b) // --> Hello World

I'm asking this because in PHP when you require or include, the file which includes another files

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Modifying locals in Python
Category : Programming Languages

locals is a built in function that returns a dictionary of local values. The documentation says:


The contents of this dictionary should
not be modified; changes may not
affect the values of local variables
used by the interpreter.

Unfortunately, exec has the same problem in Python 3.0. Is there any way round this?


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PyRun_InteractiveLoop globals/locals
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to set local/globals variables in PyRun_InteractiveLoop call.
Cant figure out how to do it, since, unlike exec counterparts, loop doesn't accept global/local args.

What am I missing?

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PEP8, locals() and interpolation
Category : Programming Languages

Here is some code:

foo = "Bears"
"Lions, Tigers and %(foo)s" % locals()

My PEP8 linter (SublimeLinter) complains about this, because foo is "unreferenced". My question is whether PEP8 should count this type of string interpolation as "referenced", or if there is a good reason to consider this "bad style".

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Multiple locals on one line?
Category : Coding

Consider the following Lua code:

local var1, var2;

Is var2 a local variable here? Or is only var1 a local?

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locals blank in Jade
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a file which is setup to handle a file and set the title and locals variables for my jade template.

module.exports = {
handle_index : function(req, res) {
res.render('index', {
title: 'Home',
locals: {name: 'User Name'}

My jade template:


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Is there any way to affect locals at runtime?
Category : Programming Languages

I actually want to create a new local. I know it sounds dubious, but I think I have a nice use case for this. Essentially my problem is that this code throws "NameError: global name 'eggs' is not defined" when I try to print eggs:

def f():
import inspect
frame_who_called = inspect.stack()[1][0]
frame_who_called.f_locals['eggs'] = 123
def g():

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