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express 3.0 how to use app.locals.use and res.locals.use
by Geoffrey De Smet in Development Tools & Services

I am on express3.0rc2. How to use app.locals.use(does it still exist) and res.locals.use

I saw this https://github.com/visionmedia/express/issues/1131 but app.locals.use throws an error. I am assuming that once I put the function in app.locals.use I can use it in the routes.

I was thinking of adding


Need something like locals in python
by Pierre LeBoo in Programming Languages

It works like that:

>>> def foo(arg):
... x = 1
... print locals()
>>> foo(7)
{'arg': 7, 'x': 1}
>>> foo('bar')
{'arg': 'bar', 'x': 1}

And i need something like this in c# .net, or how is it possible to implement it myself?

How to Add Locals to DirectTV
by Rineau in Arts & Entertainment
DirecTV offers more than 200 channels of programming, including local channels for 150 local markets in the United States. If you are unsure if DirecTV serves your area with local channels, search the database on its website. Most DirecTV packages include the local channels for your area, but if your area happens to be one of the few that DirecTV doesn't serve, you may qualify to get local channel
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How does exec work with locals?
by Ian McKellar in Programming Languages

I thought this would print 3, but it prints 1:

def f():
a = 1
exec("a = 3")

Any difference between dir() and locals() in Python?
by billputer in Programming Languages

According to Python documentation, both dir() (without args) and locals() evaluates to the list of variables in something called local scope. First one returns list of names, second returns a dictionary of name-value pairs. Is it the only difference? Is this always valid?

assert dir() == sorted( locals().keys() )

Access req and res inside of app.locals
by gorcorps in Web Design

Trying to write some helper methods for an express 3.0 app. Here is an example to greet the user:

app.locals.greet = function(req,res) {
return "hey there " + req.user.name;

However, req and res aren't available inside that function. How would I go about writing helpers that I can use inside my jade templates? Am

Things to Do in San Francisco for Locals
by Tim Watson in Travel
The web is full of information on what to do in San Francisco if you are a tourist, but resources are a lot slimmer for locals. Whether you just moved here or are looking for something new outside of your normal routine, there are a whole lot of things to do and see in San Francisco that many locals take years to discover. Lower HaightA Sign of the Lower HaightThe Lower Haight is a mostly touri

Node.js: Require locals
by danielsdesk in Web Design
What I want

Is it possible to pass locals to a required module?
For example:

// in main.js
var words = { a: 'hello', b:'world'};
require('module.js', words);
// in module.js
console.log(words.a + ' ' + words.b) // --> Hello World

I'm asking this because in PHP when you require or include, the file which includes another files

Multiple locals on one line?
by Topher Cyll in Coding

Consider the following Lua code:

local var1, var2;

Is var2 a local variable here? Or is only var1 a local?

Modifying locals in Python
by dunlop in Programming Languages

locals is a built in function that returns a dictionary of local values. The documentation says:


The contents of this dictionary should
not be modified; changes may not
affect the values of local variables
used by the interpreter.

Unfortunately, exec has the same problem in Python 3.0. Is there any way round this?


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