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Can I use Logger.log(Object format, Object…values):Logger in place of Logger.log(message)?
by seventy6 in Development Tools & Services

I used Logger.log(message) quite heavily when debugging Google Apps Scripts, particularly when calling functions from Libraries where using the debugger is not (yet) supported.

I noticed a new option appearing in recent days:
Logger.log(Object format, Object...values):Logger

I ignored it to start with but within the past few hours Logger.log(message) has disappeare

How do I get google guice to inject a custom logger, say a commons-logging or log4j logger
by Dean in Programming Languages

Google guice has a built-in logger binding. But what if I want to use a commons-logging or log4j logger?

Can I get guice to inject a Log created by


But having the same behavior as in built-in binding:

The binding automatically sets the logger's name to the name of the class into which the Logger is bein

Redirect append output from standard python logger to the main celery logger
by Seba in Web Design

I have some logging happening in a function in one module (call it module a) which gets invoked by a bunch of different celery tasks in another module (module b) .... what I'm wondering is what is the best way to get that logging output in module a, to appear in the standard celeryd.log file?

I dont want to have to pass each task logger from module b to the function in module a ever

Dependency on Log4Net Logger and Retrieve Logger by Caller Type using Castle Windsor
by postino in Programming Languages

I have a thin wrapper around log4net and I am trying to use the type of the calling class to get a logger from log4net.LogManager by using Castle.Windsor.

public class Foo: IFoo
private readonly ICommonLog _logger;
public Foo(ICommonLog logger)
_logger = logger;
public void

How to build Exception Logger system in PHP that can have different Logger implementations e.g. File/DB and is testable
by mvt in PHP

I'm building a PHP library that throws various custom Exceptions when it encounters errors. I need to log those exceptions and provide various implementations of the Logger so they could be logged in a file or a database.

The exceptions need to be logged whether they are caught or not, so that excludes implementing any of this in a custom exception handler. Therefore logging needs t

Java Logger - Netbeans hint “Inefficient use of string concatenation in logger”
by cpacini in Programming Languages

Hello Iam starting with java and I try log something.

private static final Logger _logger = Logger.getLogger("my");
String car = "bmw";
String dog = "dog";
_logger.info(car + " text " + dog); // on this line Netbeans

.. on this line Netbeans show me yellow bulb and say: Inefficient use of string concatenation in logger

So I click

how do I write a logger class with cout style interface (logger << “Error: ” << val << endl;)
by HoagieMon in Programming Languages

I want to create a logger class such that with a functionality like this:

Logger log;
log << "Error: " << value << "seen" << endl;

This should print me a custom formatted message. E.g. "12-09-2009 11:22:33 Error 5 seen"

My simple class currently looks like this:

class Logger {

Can Java Logger do this: logger.fine(“foo = ” + bar)?
by j0sh4tran in Java

I am trying to debug the value of an object in EJB
If I do logger.fine("foo"), then I can see foo, but if I do logger.fine("foo = " + bar) then i cant see anything. So how do I debug in EJB? I am using netbean 6.8 btw

.Net Logger (Write your own vs log4net/enterprise logger/nlog etc.)
by RomanMtz in Programming Languages

I work for an IT department with about 50+ developers. It used to be about 100+ developers but was cut because of the recession.

When our department was bigger there was an ambitious effort made to set up a special architecture group.

One thing this group decided to do was create our own internal logger. They thought it was such a simple task that we could spend recource

difference between logger.info and logger.debug
by jrf in Programming Languages

I am new to java and i am asked to read the project code.
I found lot of logger.debug and logger.info statements.

What is the difference between logger.debug and logger.info.
When logger.debug will be printed ??

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