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How to Become an LLC in Maine
by Matthew Steed in Business
You can create a limited liability company (LLC) in Maine by filing the appropriate documents with the state of Maine. Creating an LLC in Maine creates a separate legal entity from the owners of the company so that if someone sues your business, your assets are safe. Maine LLCs must have appropriate licenses and permits to operate, as well as an employer Identification number from the Internal Rev
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Maine Tax Help
by Bakafish in Personal Finance
In Maine, residents who need tax assistance filing their state and federal tax returns can access a variety of publications through the state's Revenue Service and through the Finance Authority. For free legal tax advice, qualified low-income residents can schedule an appointment with Pine Legal Services, a low-income legal clinic offering free services to Maine's residents. Additionally, moderate
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How to Become a Cop in Maine
by ShayH in Careers & Job Searching
Police officers are a vital part of the judicial system in any state. They enforce the laws, respond to emergencies, and serve and protect citizens around the globe. The state of Maine is no different, employing over 300 troopers at any given time. Becoming a cop in Maine involves hard work and dedication, but can be an extremely rewarding experience.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'l
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How to Compost in Maine
by php in Home & Garden
Composting is a low energy way to transform organic waste into an easy way to enrich gardening soil. Maine has made encouraging home composting one of its waste management goals. CompostKitchen scraps for compostingKompost-Schale image by Roland Marz from Fotolia.comCompost is created when organic matter decays. Organic matter is not just yard clippings but also includes things like fruits and
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Rocks of Maine
by Douglas Stockwell in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Mud compressed on the ocean floor 400 millions years ago has been transformed into the many rocks found in the state of Maine. These include granite, limestone quartz and marble. The state is an example of different rocks created by varied scientific processes. Some rocks are sedimentary. Others are igneous and metamorphic. Rockport and RocklandSedimentary rocks comprise most of the rocks on Ea
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How to Trademark in Maine
by timswim78 in Business
Trademark registration in Maine protects the words, symbols, marks or logos that a business uses to uniquely identify its goods in commerce within the state. The corporations division of the secretary of state's office accepts and approves applications for trademark registration pursuant to Title 10, Chapter 310-A, the Registration and Protection of Marks, of the Maine Revised Statutes. The office
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Maine EMS Protocols
by tamizhvendan in Health
The Maine Emergency Medication Services (EMS) protocols define the pre-hospital treatments to patients having a health emergency. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics are trained to respond to different health situations, according to the EMS protocols. The protocols include different standards for adults, children and varying medical situations. All EMTs are trained and tested in t
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Homeschooling in Maine
by droom in Education
Families in Maine choose home schooling for a variety of reasons. For some, it's a way to follow a curriculum that better reflects their religious beliefs than that offered by their local schools. In other families, parents believe their children will benefit from a study program specifically tailored to the child's learning style and interests. With its established networks of homeschooling famil

How to Sell a Car in Maine
by Simon Dick in Personal Finance
To sell a vehicle privately in Maine, you must be able to provide your buyer with the vehicle's official title and a bill of sale that states the vehicle's selling price and odometer reading. Maine doesn't allow transfer of vehicle ownership if a lien is listed on the title unless proof that the lien has been satisfied is also provided. Learn which documents you'll need to complete your vehicle sa
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How to Donate Your Car in Maine
by jrok96 in Culture & Society
The state of Maine has several organizations that make it quick and easy for you to donate your car to charity. When you donate your car, you'll be helping a cause by providing a running vehicle or a vehicle that can be sold. The money received will then go directly to the charity. Some organizations will even accept a car that isn't running. As a bonus, the car you donate can be used as an IRS ta
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