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MIDI Patchbay for Windows? / How to send MIDI from app to Reason in real-time on WinXP
by Waynew in Operating Systems

MIDI Patchbay is a utility for Mac OSX that lets you pass MIDI data between musical hardware and software.

Is there an equivalent utility for Windows operating systems?
(I've done due diligence, and haven't found anything worthwhile)

My use case: I'd like to write a program that generates MIDI data and sends it to Propellerhead Reason in real-time.

A simple free MIDI implementation in Java besides javax.sound.midi: Are there any?
by Matthieu Bozec in Java

The problem is: Android doesn't implement javax.sound.midi.

I need a simple free library that allows me to create simple 1-track midi files.
I searched the net for it, but can't really find anything, since everything uses javax.sound.midi .

The license needs to be one where I don't need to opensource my linked app.

Any ideas?


Recording generated midi events: inner conversion from timestamps to midi file delta time
by Kiltec in Programming Languages

I'm developing a small desktop aplication which gets a monophonic melody from the sound input port, and using pitch tracking techniques it converts it to midi messages to be dumped to a midi port or stored to a midi file.

The actual problem comes when I record this midi messages to a midi file, using the Receiver from the RealTimeSequencer.


Midi Ticks to Actual PlayBack Seconds !!! ( Midi Music)
by danielsdesk in Programming Languages

i am working on midi project and i wanted to visualize the midi Music like Spectrography of Mp3 music...
I want to know how to convert Midi Ticks to Actual playback seconds...Like if there is a midi tick in PPQ ( Pulse per quarter note) for example 1120.is there a formula to convert it into real world playback seconds ?

Does anyone have any experience with playing .midi files through midi->wav conversion or the like on the iPhone?
by Stuka in Mobile Programming

Does anyone have any experience with playing .midi files through midi->wav conversion or the like on the iPhone?

How to Import MIDI File Virtual MIDI Keyboard
by Coder Blues in Arts & Entertainment
Learning how to master MIDI is an essential part of becoming a well rounded musician and music producer. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) enables you to write and record drum, keyboard, bass and other instruments without even needing to play any of them. If you use a virtual MIDI keyboard built into your audio recording software, importing a MIDI file into a recording project is a typic

MIDI to USB Not Showing Up on MIDI Music Playback
by Mahi in Arts & Entertainment
A MIDI-to-USB adapter is essential for connecting traditional MIDI instruments and other hardware to a PC. While some newer MIDI workstations and controllers contain built-in USB ports, many MIDI devices still contain only the traditional "MIDI In," "MIDI Out" and "MIDI Thru" ports, unsupported by the typical home computer. If you want to connect these devices to your PC for digital recording or s

Multiple midi pin support for a midi driver in XP
by Kishore in Programming Languages

I am trying to create a miniport driver (IMiniportDMus) that will expose two midi in and two midi out pins (legacy). In Windows Vista and Win 7 I see those pins when I use midiInXXX and midiOutXXX functions, but in Windows XP I just see one midi in and one midi out pin.

Here is my pin descriptor array:

static PCPIN_DESCRIPTOR MiniportPins[] =

How can i know if a midi input is connected to a midi output?
by Joshua Johnson in Programming Languages

I'm making a midi editor wich has a dialog for connecting/disconnecting midi inputs to outputs, so the user can have other programs running midi with the same input echoed via virtual midi ports, like maple.

It uses the midiConnect function, but i want to show in the UI, the current midi connections that already exist.

The only method that i can think is to try to connec

How to Control a USB General MIDI With a MIDI Port
by bmg in Arts & Entertainment
Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) can greatly assist music composers, producers and performers. MIDI is a way of linking different kinds of devices to ultimately trigger sound or alter sonic parameters. General MIDI is a standard of MIDI that ensures that the data coming from 128 sound banks potentially accessed by a device will correspond to analogous sound banks on another device. This

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