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MIUI vs android widgets
Category : Android

Does anybody can tell me what is apperance of default android widgets like Buttons, CheckBoxes, RadioButtons in MIUI roms?

To be precise, I want to change to MIUI rom on my SGS, but as an app developer I want to know if the basic views in 3rd party apps (like AlertDialogs, Buttons) will be the same as on stock android rom or totaly diffrent what will make dificult to design UI layou

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How to make MIUI-like tabs
Category : Programming Languages

I want to make MIUI style tabs for my application.

I tried using a selector but I ended up having just colored tabs.
I also tried creating a png to be the background but once again, it didn't change the tab size.

I want to make tabs like these:

How can I do this?


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How does MIUI handle custom buttons?
Category : Programming Languages

I made a simple black custom button (9 patched image) with white text for my app which works for all flavours of Android that I have tried it on except for MIUI.

On MIUI it comes out as black border around a white box so obviously you cannot see the white text anymore. Googling for answers to this doesn't seem to come up with anything usefull.

Anybody else encountered th

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Native library not loading under Android 4.0.3 (MIUI ROM)
Category : Android

A customer contacted me - an Android app of mine broke once he updated his Android ROM to MIUI equivalent to Android 4.0.3. The relevant line in LogCat is:

04-09 10:37:09.326 17789 17789 E AndroidRuntime: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load mylib: findLibrary returned null

The app, needless to say, worked before the upgrade. So the native library di

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MiUI HTC OneX + ActionbarSherlock + Android Asset Studio Theme doesnt highlight on selected tabs
Category : Android

i used the example in ActionBarSherlock Sample project from http://actionbarsherlock.com/download.html.

Then I applied the default theme to the app from http://jgilfelt.github.com/android-...rtiaryColor=F2F2F2,100&accentColor=33B5E5,100

This is the strange behavior. When I am checking the Activity with navigation as Tabs (ActionBar.NAVIGATION_MODE_TABS), the first

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