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How to Put Mp3s On a PSP
by Thomas in Hobbies, Games & Toys
PSP's are amazing devices. They can play games, movies and even music. You can put your collection of MP3s on your PSP and listen to your music on the go, just like a normal MP3 player.
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How to Stream MP3s
by Engr62 in Electronics
You want to spice up a web site by streaming a live MP3 and putting it on a page so that when visitors come to the web site, they'll have music to keep them on your site or just to add a piece of flair to your domain. But how do you do it? It's not that hard. Just pay attention and in a few minutes, you will have your own web site code and you can place it anywhere on your site.
There are on
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How to Convert MP3s to HE-AAC
by Ir0nh1de in Computers
iTunes, Apple's free music player, allows users to convert MP3 files to Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) files. AAC files may be encoded as Variable Bit Rate (VBR), High Efficiency Encoding (HE), or optimized for voice. iTunes' import preferences, which control how files are ripped from CDs and re-encoded from one format to another, determine which AAC type is used. Both AAC files and MP3 files are com
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iPod Vs. Mp3s
by clifton anderson in Electronics
Portable music players have changed the way we listen to music. Digital distribution eliminates the need to lug around entire CD collections by consolidating music libraries onto an iPod or MP3 player. iPod and iPod Touch"iPod vs iPhone" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: herval under the Creative Commons Attribution license.
MP3 PlayerIn the most generic sense, MP3 players are any portable devi
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.htaccess and MP3s
by Dan Becker in Web Design

I'm trying to restrict access to MP3's to users only (i'm using wordpress)

I have my .htaccess set up to redirect back to the homepage unless you click it - to prevent people just typing in the url.

But when a registered user does click it the MP3 doesn't stream (in safari) and when you try to 'download linked file' you get a html file not the mp3.

So basic

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Is there any way to use subtitles with mp3s?
by asp.net in Web Design

I have some .mp3 files of conversations with really bad audio quality that I am displaying on a web page using JavaScript. I was wondering if there was an elegant solution to display these mp3s with subtitles.

I came across this jQuery plugin, which does something similar but using the <video> element.

The Best Ways to Tag MP3s
by kamyar in Computers
Music that's not tagged is irritating. If you use music management software such as iTunes, files without tags are difficult to find, not to mention just plain messy. Showing the file name instead of the album, artist and track title, these unsorted files can't be browsed toward using artist and album and often play in the wrong order. Happily, giving tags to files are easy if you understand how t
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How to Put MP3s on a Phone
by Sivavt in Electronics
With increases in technology, cellular phone providers have offered new and varied ways to add music to cell phones. This music can be in the form of short ringtone clips, or extended MP3s and full songs for listening and sharing. Adding music to phones can be done in a variety of ways, and depending on your type of phone, can be purchased or downloaded and transferred for free.Difficulty:Moderate
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How to Put MP3s on Zune
by techthumb in Computers
Microsoft's Zune series MP3 players are user friendly, resilient and have a great battery life. The Zune program organizes your songs by artist, album, songs, genre, year and rating. It's recommended that you begin labeling your music files with these added bits of information. Zune will lump songs together that don't have these descriptions attached to them, making it difficult to browse your m
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How to Add Your Own MP3s to Slideshows
by Marc Dong in Computers
Microsoft Powerpoint is pre-installed on many versions of Windows, and it allows the user to create slideshows. If you want to add an MP3 track to one of these slideshows, you can do so using tools located inside of the program. Adding an MP3 to a slideshow can share more than simply music: it can add relevance to your presentation, such as an example of a foreign language.Difficulty:Moderately Ea

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