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Is MacBook powerful enough to do Ipad development? or do I need a MacBook Pro?
by witeken in Mobile Programming

The title probably says it all.

Considering an ipad's processor is nothing compared to a macbook, I would think a Macbook should be more than capable to run the simulator. However, not knowing much about iphone/ipad development, I'd like to get some opinions on this.

for e.g. how many apps are typically need to be run for ipad dev (editor, debugger, perf monitor, trace

How to Copy a Hard Drive From One Macbook to New Macbook Pro
by Kishore in Computers
Moving data from one computer to another is simplified on Apple Macintosh computers running the Mac OS X operating system, such as MacBooks and MacBook Pro laptops. You can copy a hard drive from one MacBook to a new MacBook Pro with a FireWire cable by using the Target Disk Mode feature of Apple computers. When a Macintosh computer is booted into Target Disk Mode, it appears as an external hard d

How to Copy an Old Macbook Hard Drive to a New Macbook
by Chris in Computers
Apple's MacBook notebooks are the entry-level model among the manufacturer's laptops. But as with any computer, it can eventually run into technical problems. In some cases, this may require you to remove the hard drive in order to back it up. If you need to extract your MacBook's hard drive, it requires some knowledge of your computer's internal components.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Thing

How to choose between a MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPad
by GunnarHafdal in Computers
Apple has many products that are great for work and play. The MacBook, MacBook Pro and iPad are no exception. To determine which is best for you, many things have to be weighed. Money, lifestyle and work habits are all important variables in determining the right machine for you.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Know your budget. Before you enter the Apple store or go online, determine the amount

Business Differences Between a Macbook & a Macbook Pro
by nishar7 in Computers
No one model from Apple's MacBook line of laptop computers is best for all businesses. Mid-2010 was the last commercial release of MacBook base models; as of the late 2011 product update, the MacBook line includes only the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, while MacBook baseline models are available only through direct educational purchases or as used or refurbished computers. This may make the Pro mod

How to Calibrate a MacBook or MacBook Pro Battery
by Brian Drum in Computers
Calibrate the internal battery on your Macbook or Macbook Pro to optimize its ability to hold a charge. Perform the calibration as soon as you get the laptop, and every couple of months afterward to ensure that the battery is in the best possible condition. The calibration process takes several hours but does not require any hardware or additional software.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

Differences Between the MacBook Unibody and the Macbook Pro
by seigel in Computers
Choosing the right computer is a big decision, as it will hopefully last several years and fulfil many everyday needs. Apple offers three different types of laptop, and it's important to note the differences, as there is a large gap in price between the various models. The white unibody MacBook or aluminum MacBook Pro range would suit most people's needs, and the main differences between the diffe

Music Composition on the MacBook Vs. MacBook Pro
by Italy in Computers
Since Apple changed its hardware designs to incorporate Intel chips -- making Apple laptops capable of running Windows in addition to OS X and Linux -- some composers who had been die-hard PC users have made the switch. When choosing between the MacBook Pro and its nimble kid brother, the MacBook Air, consider your budget, your basic approach to writing music, daily work methods and the software t

Weight of a Macbook Pro Vs. Macbook
by bjorngylling in Computers
If you are interested in getting a MacBook or a MacBook Pro, which are laptop models made by Apple, you have a variety of options to consider before making your purchase. Besides looking at performance variables and different features, you'll want to evaluate the MacBook versus the MacBook Pro in terms of weight. Apple LaptopsAll Apple laptops come with the OS X 10.6 operating system, also know

MacBook Vs. MacBook Air Performance
by Chennai in Computers
The MacBook and the ultraportable MacBook Air are two of the three laptops that technology company Apple Inc. offers as part of its Macintosh computer lineup; the third one is the top-level MacBook Pro. In terms of performance, the MacBook and the MacBook Air are evenly matched in most aspects, although each laptop has an advantage or two over the other. ProcessorEach MacBook and MacBook Air us

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